Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is the last hours of my current challenge....

100 days of >95% raw vegan eating and new morning habits/routines!

How well did it acctuallt go then?
Well I'd say it went really well. I had a few days when I fell of the waggon, thou note more than a handful and never a whole day. Most days I stayed well beyond 95% as well, probably somewhere around 98-99% raw. I feel really proud, especially since I have no raw fooders living within resonable distance. Oh, sorry I do. About 20 minutes by car from where I live. I'm gonna meet this new found friend tomorrow. AWSOME!

My new routines are set and I feel strange when I don't do them - water, hatha yoga, cool shower, breakfast... :) I'm loving it! Perhaps I'll change my yoga session for another yoga session, thou I wouldn't give up morning yoga. It's such a great way to start the day, to get streched out and warmed up.

So looking back at my challenge I feel very proud. I love myself! It's seems as this summer was short and long at the same time. I been thru such awsome changes within my self. I have felt infinite love and deep sorrow, endless happyness and scary emptyness... I've felt ease of mind and hopefulness, joy and I have cried happy tears dancing with myself. It has been a wonderful journey and I feel a lot stronger, more convinced and healthier then ever. I have cleared my vision and I am rewriteing the story of my life - starting tomorrow with a new "challenge" I will get into a new routine.

My vision I stated a few blog posts ago. My goal is essentially the same (thou a bit adapted to my current life situation). The main part of my vision is freedom in all stages of life. Financial, emotional, logical, spiritual...

One step in creating financial freedom is not to raise my income, but to make my expences insignificantly small. Consuming less is my plan. Thou some things might be usefull to have, like clothes. So I plan to start (when I really need to) buy only hemp and organic natural materials clothes. I will also, and this is my new challenge, start to grow my own food. Doing so have several benefits. To name a few...
> Lowering food expenses
> Controlling my food from soil to plate so I can be surtain it's absolutely free from chemicals
> Minimizing transports
> Absolutely freshly harvested food

I will start by cultivating my own sallads and herbs. Since autumn is comming I will have an indoor plantation. So what I might need for the winter is an extra light for my plants, thats it. Planting is tomorrow! In a longer perspective I will build a winter greenhouse next summer to be able to grow even more exciting stuff... The panes I have already got. I got them from a building project we did at work, they where supposed to get thrown away so I could have them for free and in the same time do some recycleing. :)

One sad thing is that this blog is over... Yet I have a new blog - acctually an old one I dug up at the blog cemetery. So from tomorrow you'll have to go to THE RAW AVOCADO!

I have truely enjoyed these one hundred days, and I'm grateful for all support I have gotten from you... I always love you!

Bye bye
and see you soon at The Raw Avocado

In divine love and sound health
Your servant

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