Saturday, September 5, 2009

DAY ONE HUNDRED - short rapport

Hello love,

I've reached day one hundred today and is celebrating with saturday waterfast. I'm soooo happy and proud and at ease with my new routines. I love them. Thou I will make one change from tomorrow; my waterfast will be removed and replaced by a juice fast on Wednesdays (starting on Wednesday).

I have been kind of neglecting a lot of internet things lately, includiing this blog. I have felt a bit down and have struggled some with my feelings. I feel a lot better today thou and will return by the end of the day to wrap up these days of rawness.

Now I'm looking into the upcomming 30 days new "challenge". I'll come back to this later today... Have an outstanding day today.

I love you! and remember;
You are always beautiful!

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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