Monday, June 29, 2009


Hej (Hello)

If your feeling half as great as I am right now you are unstoppable. :) I feel really energized and vibrant, I feel extatic and brilliant. I just feel tremendous. And loving. And grateful. And really, really juiced to take on the challenges of life. I feel passionate about moving myself to a new place of higher meaning. And I have a compelling vision. My plan is under construction so I won't share anything yet. But be patient. I will in time.

Also reading "the China Study" by T. Colin Cambell PhD, is really blowing my mind. Sure I knew animal protein wasn't good for the body before and devastating to the planet (at least in it's industrialised form) and so not helping world hunger. But this! It's just amazing how potent diet is in terms of health and disease (or dis-ease). Just finnished reading the studies made in laboratories. This is the wrap up.

Animal protein, eaten at normal western amounts (20% of diet), promotes cancer growth. Rats given a known carcinogen (aflatoxin, one of the most potent) on a 22% protein diet were all dead from cancer within 100 weeks, while another group of rats given the same amount of the carcinogen and a 6% protein diet "were alive, active, thrifty, with sleek haircoats at 100 weeks." It was a hundred to zero. Stunning isn't it. Read the book. I recomend it from the deepest of my heart, with true love, for your health, no matter if you eat animal protein or not.

Note: T. Colin Cambell, PhD have spent his entire life within "the mainstream system" of science and health.
Today was day thirtytwo. I feel very confident about my raw habits at the moment. I even resent cooked food. Since day 25 I have been trying to keep a higher alkaline profile on my food. It have been a success so far. I have set the limit to (in visual amount) 20% acid forming foods. I follow the studies and science of Dr. Robert O. Young in this case. Here are the charts of foods I eat, foods I eat sparingly and foods I don't eat, as presented in "Sick and Tired - reclaim your inner terrain". I just looked it thru yesterday and will read it after I've finished "the China Study". I have read "the pH miracle" by Dr. Young several times, yet I think "Sick and Tired" are more scientific and less written for the public at large.
I'm feeling amazing eating a high alklaine diet and most of these last days I've been far above my limit. For sure touching 90%. This is my intake today:
6 am; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder
7 am; 0,8 litres of green smoothie (250 g spinach, 2 dl cubed pineapple, 1 banana)
9 am; 1 peach, 1 banana
11 am; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder
12.30 pm; cabbage salad (1/3 of a medim [bulgarian] cabbage head, 1 large cucumber, 12 wild harvested plantain leafs, some wildly picked hiprose flower leafs, 1 clove of garlic)
3.30 pm; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder
7 pm; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder (playing fotball/soccer)
9 pm; 0,6 litres of green smoothie (peppermint leafs, balm leafs [citronmeliss], ground elder leafs [kirskål], dandileon leafs, 2 handfulls of alfalfa sprouts, 1 avocado, stevia and some water)
soon; 1 litre of pure alkaline water (before bedtime)
This have been an excellent and most empowering raw alkaline and sunny day. I'm very grateful for making this a reality, for challengeing myself this way (100 day UHC) and I'm very grateful for having a wonderful family, excellent friends and lots of love flowing in my life. I grateful for the love I feel flowing from inside. I love living, giving and loving. I love you. I feel the love.
Thank you.
In divine love and sound health
your servant

Saturday, June 27, 2009

DAY THIRTY - waterfasting again (and DAY TWENTYNINE)

As always your most welcome my friend. No matter where you are, who you are or how you are; I love you! You are a part of this eternal now, shaping the future, creating this world.

I have been waterfasting today, and I've been feeling like crap all day. I haven't been low in mood, just tired, aching and sleepy. I have had this really bad ache in my back muscles... I hope it's some kind of cleansing thing, for I don't know where it came from. Just struck me about lunchtime. I'm feeling full of love thou.
Yesterday evening I indulged on cashews, chocolate/hazelnut cream, raisins and almonds and I think that I might have overdosed a bit. I had this terrible headache this morning and was really thirsty. Felt like I had been out drinking last night. During the past week I have been eating less nuts and sweet fruits and I have been focusing on leafy greens instead. At least I will try to stay as far from cashews and chocolate as possible since, from the research I have studied they are quite acidifying to the body. Even listed as foods never to eat (for alkalisation). Sure I can have them sometimes, yet just less and more rarely.

I'm grateful today for the plentyful sunshine soaking my body, for spending time with my family, for feeling great about waterfasting and for being a part of now.

I love myself, you, my kids and my family. It makes me feel awsome and fullfilled.
I wish to ask you to do a favour. Give love to at least one person today. Give it unconditionally and without hesitation. Give it from your heart. And give without expectation. Give it to anyone you choose; your lover, your kids, your best friend, worst enemy, a stranger, mum, dad, sibling, grandparent, neighbour or yourself. Just make sure you give it as described above. From your heart, unconditionally and without expectations. Thank you for making this world a beter place to live. I love you always.
In divine love and sound health

Thursday, June 25, 2009

DAY TWENTYEIGHT - good foods of my choice

I embrace your love

and welcome you in gratitude. What have been excellent for you today? My day have been great in many ways. I have had time to do my morning routines and have gotten into a new habit of doing green smoothies in the morning. I spent time in the sun and allowed my body to soak some of that pure energy. I went for a run after work and finished of with some strength training. Had a dandileon/carrot/celery juice afterwards and some watermelon. I'm very grateful for the outstanding health choices I have made today. I'm gateful for the sunlight. I love being able to do my morningyoga outdoors. And I love my kids, my family, my friends, you, me and "the Force" (or God, Allah, the Universe if prefered).

Today I have had great meals and a rather low fruit intake (2 bananas, 1 peach and 6 slices of watermelon) Apart from that I have been eating highly alkalising foods and a lot of wildly harvested greens. I'm very exited about tomorrow, for then I will continue my journey. I long to live every day.

I thought I'd post some pics today of foods I have been eating the past 28 days. Enjoy.

In divine love and sound health

your servant


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DAYS TWENTYSIX AND TWENTYSEVEN - the power of feelings on your health

Hi dear friend,

I so happy to be alive, I'm feeling so vibrant and so grateful. I love. I'm loved.

These last two days have past by without anything special to report. I have been gratefully following my program and have had a bit less "sweets" and more greens. I feel great about it. I have been picking a lot of wild foods, like dandileon leafs, clover leafs and Common Plantain leafs. Had some on my kale salad today, and some more just an hour ago in a wild green smoothie. I feel very energised at the moment. I have made my "new" daily routine a habit I feel, mostly since I feel I need to do it to feel good. If I miss my morning yoga for some reason I always take some time at lunch to stretch.

I assume we can agree on the importance of food to gain better health, yet I belive there is a whole lot more to it. I belive health is built from four cornerstones.

1) Positive thinking/feelings
2) Diet
3) Excercise
4) Meaning/spirituality

I will go thru them all over the upcomming posts, starting with 1).

Positive thinking/feelings
This is the most important thing you can do to creat health in your live;
have an positive outlook on things!

First, you have to realise YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FEELINGS. I'll say it again, for it is that important:


You have the power to choose what you want to feel, and therefor you own you feelings. Noone but you can make you feel bad, glad or sad. To bad we wheren't born with a manual to our brain. Yet the answer is out there and within yourself.

Understand, and realise, you own your thoughts. You may have lend them to another authority yet know that you can reclaim them back at any time you choose. So in order to reclaim the power over your own thoughts you have to start doing some simple things, things that don't call for greatness of mind, physical strength or health. This is the key:

1) Control your focus.
What do you see, hear, speak, think about? This is step one. You have to redirect your focus. What can I focus on that will empower me? What gives me hope and joy? Who do I love?
2) Interpret what you focus on in a positive way.
How is this good? How can I use this? How does this make me grow?

It's that easy! For the brain can only focus on one thing at every single moment.

I was feeling really bad and depressed this winter. I felt my life was useless and without meaning. I didn't love myself. So I took action by doing these simple two things. I changed my focus and started to tell myself the good report of what I experienced. I started to tell myself "I love me", a clear change of focus from my former "I'm not enough". At first it felt a bit odd, now I know I'm not worth anything less.

So, how does a positive attitude affect your health, except from feeling great. For sure your body's health affect the emotions of your mind. Yet also do your thoughts and feelings affect the health of your entire body. Bottom line, your mental state is critical, and probably the most important thing for the health of your body.

Every function of the body creates metabolic acids, therefor an alkaline diet is crusial. Still your emotions - or mental state - if it's negative, can create more metabolic acids than acidic foods eaten. "In fact, you can create two or three times more metabolic acids from your thoughts or your mental and emotional state than from ingesting highly acidic dairy, animal protein, sugar or alcohol." (1)
How does it work then?
"When you have a thought or say a word, it requires electrical or electron energy for the brain cell(s) to produce those actions. And as you carrying on with that thought, you are burning or consuming energy. And when you are consuming energy in your thoughts, you are producing a biological waste product called acid and an energetic acidic waste product which can be measured in hertz and decibels. Next, if the metabolic acids from your thoughts are not properly eliminated... then the acids from your thoughts are moved out into your connective and fatty tissues­." (1)
What does this mean to your health?
"As the excess and overload of metabolic acid from your emotions are thrown out into the body tissues, this can easily lead to all sorts of symptomologies: lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle pain, fatigue, tiredness, obesity, cancerous breasts, cancerous prostate, cancerous stomach and/or bowels, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, heart attacks, and the list goes on and on." (1)

The greatest problems can arises with our habitual feeling, if they are negative. Locate you habitual feelings by writing down all your feelings during a week, notice feelings that are constantly recurring, espessially negative ones. Why and when do they arise? How are these feelings usefull for you? What need do they help you fill? For example if you get angry a lot that might be a way for you to meet your needs for significance, connection and security. This is probably a strong feeling for you then. So ask; how can I meet these needs in a more empowering way? Can I do a positive empowering feeling and still accomplish the same feeling of significance, connection and security? Can I solve the problem that made me angry/sad/irritated in a positive way?

"Emotions are energy in motion. When you are (e)motional, you are energetic, either in a positive or negative way. And if you are energetic in your (e)motions, you are literally energy in (e)motion. You are now producing metabolic acids at a very high rate which is a waste product of such (e)motions that will make you sick, tired and depressed... On the other hand, positive (e)motions, such as love, peace, hope, faith, joy, forgiveness and charity can be alkalizing to the blood and tissues. These (e)motions require far less energy in motion and can cause you to be relaxed in your mind and stop the playing of an acidic movie in your head. Students of higher consciousness know that you can even enter into a state of bliss wherein you have no thoughts and wherein you are producing no metabolic acid." (1)

So relaxing your mind is aslo a good way to get into better health. Good and positive feelings are soothing to the mind. This is where you need to focus. What is good about this? Ask this question always. Anthony Robbins have five excellent and empowering questions for solving problems:

1) What is great about this problem?
2) What is not perfect yet?
3) What am I willing to do?
4) What am I willing to stop doing?
5) How can I enjoy the process?

Also practicing calming breathing is an outstanding way to relax your mind. I use my five fives twice daily;
breath in for 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, breath out for 5 seconds and hold for 5 seconds, repeat 5 minutes.
The span of one breath is not that important, find a time that is soothing and comfortable. Feel how energy flows and love surrounds you. Focus on your breathing...

Today I'm grateful for having these miracle gifts in my life; I can

I love YOU, and me.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

(1) Young Life - Young Energy - Young Love: E-mail from dr. Robert Young dated 19 June 2009

To learn more about the science of Dr. Robert go to:

Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY TWENTYFIVE - and some catching up


my fellow carrier of the divine love it is time to act. Go out into the world and give the message of love to all and everyone. I cannot tell you how, for you know your heart better than I. Follow it and it will tell you. Your soul is a part of the divine love of the universe and therefor always know the answer. Get connected to your soul and listen carefully to your inner voice. You know every answer, and every question.

Today I made day twentyfive on my challenge for ultimate health a reality! WOOHAA! I feel very good about it. I feel uplifted and strong. I feel loving and grateful. I feel unstoppable - almost...

I had a few really bad cravings this Saturday during my waterfast and I can only refeer that to high consumption of sweet fruits and cashews during the week and especially during Friday (we celebrated midsummer this day). I managed to steer clear this time and saved my emotional eating for Sunday and today. I haven't eaten cashews since and will try to keep away for a while. I will also try to grab an alkalising snack instead. This evening I made a small ginger bread dessert with dates, almonds, cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamon. It reminded me of Christmas (usually we only eat this combination of spices during Christmas season) and I thought; how great is that. Now I don't have to worry about wanting those delicious ginger bread cookies, I'll just make my own. Then I had a small sallad and since I still felt a little snacky I had som rasberry sorbet (home made with just rasberries, nothing else added). I see this pattern of wanting to snack all evening so I better get some healthier snacks ready, like carrot sticks, cucumber slices, paprika slices ect. and some delicious and nutritious avocado dip. Ouh! Better get my mind on something else than food. Perhaps some soul food.

I'm ready to continue my challenge. The next seventyfive days are going to be even better. I'm gonna make sure they are. I will keep posting thoughts, knowledge and love as usual. No worries.

For now this is it. I feel obliged to end todays notes with something one of my more outstanding friends wrote in a blog post today. Something that resonated so deep and in harmony in my heart it almost stopped. She wrote:

"Love Everyone, all the time. Even yourself. Love the mailman. Love your mom. Love George Bush. Love Osama Bin Laden. Love OJ. Love Jerry Springer. Love Ghandi. Love a solider. Love a thief. Love a rapist. Love a saint. Love a priest. Love a SAD eater. Love a widow. Love a child. Love a cow. Love a spider. Love a southerner. Love a westerner. Love someone who hates you. Love someone who loves you. Love a stranger. Love an old friend.
It is that simple. It is that hard."

Thank you Rachel for being you.

And thank YOU for reading todays post. I hope I sparked something inside that makes you want to make this world a little bit better place to be. Start within, start to love yourself and let it pour on the world. Then you will undoubtably live a miracle. For it is true, as Einstein concluded; either there are no miracles, or everything is a miracle. Make sure to live no less than what you deserve. You are a miracle. You are love.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

Thursday, June 18, 2009

DAY TWENTYONE - live-give-love

I salute you dear friend
in love and unity.

Another day have passed in my life. Another raw day... another great day moving towards greater health, more vitality, more energy and greater endurance. I am grateful for choices made today. Eating healthy, spending valuable time with a thoughtful and wise friend, doing my daily routines (outside of eating). I love my kids and family. I love my friends. I love! So lets talk about love today.

I am love. You are love. Our souls made of love. We are all one and we are love. Love is the core of all humans. Every childs love is unlimited and totally unconditional. Love is unity. And it's lost in the illusion of separation. The illusion of us being parted. Divided from each other, from nature, from other living creatures, from the universe. When we see ourselfs as one, love is inevitable. We cannot discard nature when we are one with it, we must love it, for it is us. We cannot hate our neighbour when we realise she is a part of me, not apart from me. Whatever you bring to the world you bring to yourself.

When it comes to giving love it's easy. Giving is living. Living is loving. And loving is giving. It's a sacred trinity. Any of these expressed from the heart leads to the next, that leads to the next and so on. Remember one thing. Love withheld creates fear (and fear can lead to anger, depression or even rage), yet not for the other person but for you. Let me explain in a very intelligible way, simply because it is so important for your wellbeing.
If someone does not meet your rules for satisfying your need (whatever it may be; love, connection, significance, trust, reliability; you name it) and you , as a punishment (and I know you don't do this) decides to withhold your love for that person. Perhaps he/she didn't do the dishes, as you hoped, by the time you came back from the grocery store. So you decide to not give that hug or kiss you planned, that touch, say those words.
"So who's getting the punishment?"
Well, you are!
"How come?"
All love comes from inside yourself, even love given to you.
Think about it. Really hard. If you give love, you feel love, as it flows from your heart and soul. If you recieve love, you must accept the love given. The only way to do that is to love yourself enough to accept you can be loved by others. Loving yourself is no different than loving someone else, for we are all one. You have to give love to yourself to recieve love. And by giving yourself love, you will feel it as it flows from your heart and soul. If you don't love yourself, you won't feel the love given by others to you. If you restrain your love for others you'll close the gate to those feelings for you will stop giving. If you stop giving you will stop loving and soon enough you'll stop living. If you are not living you will not love yourself and if you don't love yourself you cannot recieve love from others. It just goes round and round and round. The first law of the universe states this; love feeds love. Or more commonly: what you sow is what you reap.

So by withholding your love you block your love and therefor you cannot recieve love. This creates an even greater illusion of separation. When you realise in your heart there is no sepration, you realise giving love to others is giving love to yourself. The trinity can be fullfilled. Giving love allows you to feel love and feeling love makes you live. Unconditional love is unlimited and comes from realising there is only one. You are a part of this (w)holyness. We are more than we are - we are one. And we are love!

If you patiently have been reading all the way down here I might as well share with you my personal story. For some years now I have felt low (not really depressed) and separated. I have lived the illusion of divinson. I knew about the unity, the whole, yet I didn't really know for I didn't live it. So this winter it culminated. I hit a low I couldn't stand. I was at a two perhaps (on a scale to ten where then is feeling extatic and glowing). So I made a decision. I wanted to live, I wanted to love. So I started work on myself and soon realised I wasn't really loving myself. I took it from there and started to treat myself as I would have treated anyone I love. Time, thoughts, words, gifts etc. At first it felt kind of strange. It's not really in our western culture to love yourself. Yet after some time it started feeling really good and that was really the turning point. That was when I started feeling the love I gave was sincere, true love ( I once learned; motion creates emotion, first you do and then you feel). And from there it has grown exponentially. Some days I feel as I'm a walking love bomb ready to hug anyone showing the least intention of invitation. I now have so much love to give I can truely say it's unlimited. And the best thing. I feel the love of others flowing in my life. I know other love me for who I am. They can still dislike my action and beliefs, yet I know they love my in their soul, even if they don't know this themselfs. For we are one and therefor I can easily give love even to those not giving me love. And if they accept it it's excellent, if they don't accept it I still feel the love given for it flows from my heart and soul.

I want to leave you with a final note today. A few final words of wisdom. Three qoutes that I find very empowering.

"Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself." //Jean Anouilh

"We can only learn to love by loving." //Iris Murdoch

"Love your neighbour as you love yourself"

In divine love and sound health
your servant

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DAY TWENTY - celebration


to me, to you and to the world. 20% done. I'm excited. Still, I still feel a bit low... I have been eating to much nuts these last few days and that makes me so tired in the evening. Thou I will get past this as well, it's probably an emotional cleanse. I have this beautiful friend (funny, I just have sooo many beautiful friends and I really love them all) and I read a comment she made in a discussion. She experienced severe emotional cleanse going raw and did overeat during this time, then her emotions settled at a good state and so did the eating. So I don't stress about it much, thou it's kind of dull to fall asleep putting your kids to bed (and still it's so cosy to fall asleep beside them). I'm sure the problem will resolve in the upcomming 30 days.

I haven't been celebrating much today, I'm saving it for the 25th day, thats one forth into my challenge. That's on Monday. I have to plan something. Something I like to DO. Hmmm.... gotta wake my inner child. What do I dream about doing...

First time I really understood the relationship between food and health was on an event in 2006. I know there was a relationship prior to this and I had changes some of my eating habits already, thou attending this event really made me grasp the great connection between the two. This event was the starting point for my current health journey.

I was not experiensing severe health issues, I had no cronic diseases (except for some slight inconvinience with asthma), no excess weight, no sickness or alike. Thou I had noticed that during the last years I had lost the energy and endurance I had when I was twenty. I could have accepted this fact of getting older, yet I didn't (and I'm glad I didn't). I remember thinking, "Twentysix is no age for feeling like this, I should have unlimited amounts of energy, an abundance of vitality and excellent endurance. Yet I don't. What is wrong?" This seminar answered some of my questions. And it really got me engaged in finding a solutin to my problem. I'm certain alkaline raw food is the answer. At least it has cured my asthma and created more energy and better endurance. Still I think I can get even more from it, since I haven't been totally true to my believes. I have been wasting my time, my money, my self asteem and a lot of credability among my friends. This challenge is here to change all that. To make me stay 100% raw and high alkaline.

The challenges I had, that made me start this journey in 2006, boils down to one thing really - getting enough nutrients into my body. This does not only mean eating sufficient amounts of nutrients. This also means that the body must be able to absorb and use the nutrients put into it. This is the root of ageing, the bodys lessened ability to absorb nutrients. That's why I believe in food combining and the alkaline diet.

Food combining helps the body absorb nutrients by not mixing food groups that interfer in digestion. For example fruits take two hours to digest, starches three, protein four... so mixing these might interfer with digestion and leave some parts of the food undigested. Undigested food have two problems. First problem is that all nutrients are not relesed, second is the fermentation of leftovers creating acid and possible bacterial and/or viral growt in the digestive tract. The second may damage the internal environment of the digenstive tract and therefor restrict the absorbtion of nutrients.

"The body is alkaline by design and acid by function", says Robert Young authour of the pH Miracle, so keeping the body in an alkaline state is essential for life. When the internal environment of the digestive tract becomes to acid it starts to get damaged. And if allowed to continue sooner or later we lose the ability to absorb nutrients. This weakens and ages the body in an increasing rate. For some persons an acid digestive tract leads to Chron's, IBS or even cancer. A good thing thou is the body's ability to heal itself. This is where an alkaline diet is most useful. Plentyfull of alkaline foods rich in chlorphyll is an excellent start.

So eating raw is for the nutrient content, eating alkaline is for the pH balance of my body and food combining is for best use of nutrients and a less stressful environment for the digestive tract.

Today I'm grateful for the abundance of sunshine present here today.
I'm grateful for having beautiful, healthy children (who have eaten raw supper with me yesterday and today, yay!)
I love moving my body, it's so light (thou I've never been overweight) and strong and lean.
I love myself for taking this challenge for real and I'm grateful for completing day twenty in an excellent fashion.
I'm also grateful for the time you took reading this. Thank you beloved.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Greetings fellow human

The last days I have been very tired. I have been sleeping 8-10 hour a night since Friday. I feel a bit low as well today and I felt the same yesterday... I think I want to do something else in my life than giong to my work every day for the upcomming 30+ years or so. I want to do something inspireing, something that makes a difference in peoples lives, something that changes their perception of reality. I need to take my journey to another dimension. I don't know how or when, yet it have to be soon and I know how will come to me when time is ready. Freddie Mercury said it so well; "I want to break free". I say;

"Love is circulating in my life. I am grateful for everything. All strength, knowledge and wealth I need will come to me on my demand and in the rigth time."

This simple incantation I repeat to myself when I run (at least twice a week). I say it with emotion and strength. I say it and believe it. I feel it. And I feel great repeating it. When time is right I will find the strength to set myself free.

This is my aim for what foods I put into myself to fuel my body, mind and soul:

> air; outdoor, open window, breathing breaks, yoga, excercise.

> water; >4 litres of pure alkaline water on a daily basis

> food; raw >95%, alkaline foods; >80%
This means foods always allowed; leafy greens, most vegetables (espesially green ones), non-sweet fruits (like cucumber, tomatoes, paprika, avocado ect), soaked almonds, sprouts, extra virgin oils from olive, hemp, rape seeds and flax, grasses.
Foods in moderation; sweet fruits, most nuts, dehydrated or frozen food, lightly steemed vegetables.
Foods never allowed; animal protein (i.e. meat, chicken, fish, dairy), chemical addatives, processed sugars, processed carbohydrates, boiled, fried or deep fried foods, heated oils.

How can you live on that? Are you getting all nutrients needed? Don't you get bored? How about variety? are some of the questions I get about my dietary choises. It struck me today that I probably eat a more varied diet than most "all-eaters" and I probably get a wider span of nutrients and in a more balanced and cleaner way than most meat-eaters. When comparing to how I ate some 4 years ago, before this journey started, I eat a more varied diet today, even thou I ate "everything" back then. Now I enjoy at least 10-15 different leafy greens during the year, depending on season. I eat a wider range of vegetables (not only tomtoes, cucmber and paprika). I eat a wider range of fruits, all kinds. I eat more nuts, healthy oils and berries. I have started eating sprouts (super nutrient dense). I juice grasses. I juice! And I eat more organic and besides I don't destroy my nutrients by heating the food.

An interesting point of view is the fact that for some vegetables the nutrients become more available when the veggie is cooked, like carrots and kale. Yet I believe if chewed properly (until liquid) the difference is bridged. Also cooked food is (in my experience) very seldom chewed enough since it does not need to be chewed 30+ times to break down in your mouth. So the saliva isn't as present when breakdown begins in the digestive system. So this is a big part of my program as well; to chew slowly and thoroughly until the food is liquid. This is really hard, for time is often limited and I am used to (still) to chew fast. Thou I feel I have made progress, especially in terms of consitency. I still chew to fast, yet I cannot swallow if not almost liquid. Sometimes I use a blender to help me, thou I always chew a few times anyway.
Before we part for today I want to leave you a note;
"Live as if there was no tomorrow, learn as if you lived forever."
In divine love and sound health
your servant

Sunday, June 14, 2009

DAY SEVENTEEN - juicefasting

Hey you,

today I continued my waterfast with a juicefast. It wasn't really planned, I just felt like it during my waterfast day and it has been a good day. Espesially since we went to Linda's mum's place. For some reason there is always an abundance of bad food there and for some reason I always used to fall back there. Today was not such a day. I was persistent in keeping my liquid fast. Drinking 1 litre of water with nettlepowder and ½ litre of almond milk with vanilla (sweetened with stevia) made it an easy journey. Still I felt hungry when dinner was served. I still like the smell of tacos, and there are a lot of greens and veggies served along with it. Yet I believe that the sensation of hunger is more linked to emotions than real hunger. almost 30 years of conditioning can't be wiped away easily without an effort. Yet I believe it can be wiped out rapidly with the right technics, suck as NLP or NAC. It's all about conditioning a new empowering pattern. Then of course I have to reinforce it regularly. Next time I smell cooked foods, and onwards, I will focus on something that I dislike and that makes me feel awful. Like slaughter, dairy production, industrial processing of foods or chemical addatives. I was thinking manure, then I realised I don't dislike that. It's so good for the soil and good soil is essential for good foods. So I'll just focus on the commercial food industry and it's ways to make money on behalf of human and animal health.

I have felt very tired these last few days, sleeping about 8-10 hours a night. This is a good sign as I see it for sleep is rest and rest is healing. Besides sleeping a lot I have been working out at least 30 minutes every day these last days as well. Being on my fast have left me not powerless, but tired and in great need for rest. It is, to me, a great sign of healing. Tomorrow I'll break my fast even thou I feel excellent fasting this time. I was to remember fasting as an excellent thing. A good thing that I have notcied already having these weekly fasts is that I tend to eat more controlled (meaning not stuffing myself with foods) those other days of the week. Normally it tends to accelerate from first eating day until the day before the fast. So fasting helps me get back on track. I very grateful for this insight and grateful that I'm staring to love fasts.

I managed to get some time of the family today to read. So I finished reading "don't eat this book" by Morgan Spurlock. I was in tears. Tears of fear and tear of joy. I strongly recoment this book for anyone with the least intrest in how the modern economy and hunt for money devastates peoples lives. And also creates a resistant as people find out the truth. I encourage you to be a strong force and choose with your fork. For the sake of mankind.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DAY SIXTEEN - waterfasting

Hi dear friend,

and most welcome to this unique day. This day that will never return. What have you done to make this day rememberable? What have you done today to make this world a better place to live? In what ways have you given love to those around you? What is there in your life to be grateful for today? How have you improved the health and quality of your life today? Think of it...

These are my answers:
I have been waterfasting today to rest my digestive tract and let my body heal. I ran 7.8 k and did a short round of hatha yoga afterwards. I have been focusing on all good things in my life, like my family, that I have a roof above my head when it's cold and raining, good quality food on my table whenever I want it, loving friends, siblings and parents, a clear vision of my reason for being born and a plan for making it happen. These things creates ease on my mind and therefor improves my health. I'm also very grateful for all these things, especially all high quality relationships im co-creating. I'm grateful for the love circulating in my life and for the strength I feel in my body. I'm very thankful for obstacles appearing, for they make me grow. I have given love to my children by spending time with them, hugging, playing and telling them I love them. I have told my mother; I love you, when talking on the phone with her. I have made an effort to make this world a better place by giving love unconditionally to others and to myself, by being a friend and by giving myself the gift of healing.

Yesterday I stated I will by the end of this year have held at least 1 lecture on health and wellness. So I drew a brief plan before going to bed. This is what I need to do:
> Set a date fo the lecture
> Continue and complete my 100 days of health.
> Read, study and meditate on health, what it consits of and how it all fits together.
> Create a good motivating program, what and how.
> Market my lecture
> Book someplace to hold my lecture

Since it has been waterfast day today I feel very light and lean.
Tomorrow I will continue with one day of juicefasting since I feel the momentum of clensing.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

Friday, June 12, 2009


"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always." //Mahatma Ghandi

I got the China Study in the mail today. I started to read right away and reading the introduction really scared me . Then I remembered this qoute from Ghandi and it filled me with a new hope. The truth is bound to rise above all lies. And it will. I believe that time is soon. Looking at what is happening in China and great parts of the South East Asian world today, when the multi international companies are entreing these contries will be sad, yet very interensting. I hope someone conducts a new study following up on the health consequenses of dairy and meat now beeing "forced" on these people. Sure they want to eat the best diet in the world - the western diet. It sur is superior, at least in creating cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabets, degenerative diseases, heart disease, allergies and so on. Who wouldn't want that? The western lifestyle IS superior in all was wrecking havoc within the body and outside. So exiting times are ahead of us. Within and outside our human body. Just remember, we are all one...

Anyway, I have lots of exiting reading ahead of me. I find books like this one very profound and reliable. For what reason? Well mostly because they look at the world thru the same science that most western studies do. They follow the rules of modern science. Yet in a way I'm staring to turn away from these kind of mass studies because they are impersonal. I love stories, personal achievements, breakthroughs, healings, turnarounds. From all these I can make a "study" myself. Then I always go to my heart and ask. What is true to me? My heart always provides the right answer, no matter what the wolrd thinks. That's why I do what I do. That's why I do this!

These last two days I have been eating to much, espesially nuts and sweets (sweet fruit and honey). I feel it in my body. I have been pondering about what makes me want to eat all the time. Boredom is a frequent answer. As is connection. And self destruction.

Boredom is easily cured in a positive with sports, conversations, games and/or any contributing action. I would like to host a series of lectures on health in my community, yet I'm not sure I'm ready yet. I have to make a list of things I need to prepare myself with and a timeline for accompishing those objectives. Right here and now; I will keep my first lecture before the end of this year. OMG, what did I just do... eh, well might as well get started. :)

This might solve the connection issue. I will have to connect, yet in a different way. I will have to find things I have in common with people to be able to get thru with my message in a profound way. I can also connect with nature more often, espessially during the warm season. (Thou the last days have been really cold and rainy, who did ever call this summer?).

When it comes to self destruction I have to find a way to see myself as a successful man istread of a failure, for I believe this is the main reason. Seeing myself as a failure (even unconsciously) makes me do things that sabotages my success. I have to find strong reasons, and focus on them. I have to change my picture of who I am and how I see myself. I really must call a friend who I believe can help me change these things in an mpowering way, and fast!

So starting now I will take time to write down a plan for getting to an even more successful state of mind, to make my inner call a reality and to connect in several ways on several plans with all the world and universe.

So I'm signing of to get some thinking and writing done. Tomorrow I'll be back.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi ya'll, wazzup?

Hehe... today I got a call from kindergarden, had to pick up my daughter with fever.
Today it's a short post.

Briefly; no incidents. Stayed on track. Had a little surge for sweets this evening, so I made a raw dessert out of almonds, raisins, coconut oil, vanilla powder and cacao. Delicious!

Today I'm grateful about the positive energy flowing in my life at this precios moment.
Today I'm happy for having a loving family.
Today I'm exited about all new inspiering connections I have made thru my raw diet.
Today I'm in love with humanity and nature.

Before bedtime I invite you to a nightcap. I raise my glass of ginger/celery/carrot juice.
Let us drink to sound health and vibrant energy.

In divine love

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DAY TWELVE - a good day in my life

Hi and welcome

I feel a bit tired today and will head of to bed soon. Just wanted to write a little about today. I have had an awsome day with great feelings and good choices. This day have been an exellent day from my current perspective. I will describe it as it have been to give you a glance of what my day to day living consists of at the moment.

5:40 Woke up five min before the alarm. Got up immediately and started my morning routines. I extended my yoga by five min and added a five minute eye workout. After my shower and helping to dress my daugther I had breakfast; almond/banana/blueberry smoothie in a bowl with nuts and seeds. I shared it with my two wonderful kids. They love this breakfast.

Then we biked to kindergarden. Tuesdays (and Wednesdays) I leave and pick up the kids. Icontinued to work and by nine I drank 1 litre of water. Had two meetings and then it was time for lunch: 75 g leafy sallads, 1 cucumber, 1 paprika, 1 tbsp rape seed oil, seasalt.

I ended my lunch with a 30 minutes brief walk. The weather was cloudy yet nice and cool. Perfect for brief walks. Worked some more until 3 pm and jumped on my bike to pick up the kids from kindergarden. On my way home I picked nettles and cloves for dinner. Spent some time barefooted in the garden caring for it and enjoying the sun, who came out from his hiding place behind the clouds. Kids were playing. I often play with them and love it.

At 5 pm I went in and made a raw meal for us. Cucumber, carrots, nettle/cloves/ginger/leek/honey/sunflower/sea salt/stevia seed dip, cauliflower, paprika. I had a small nettle soup in addition to the other foods. Then Linda (my common-law spouse and the mother of my children) came home. The clock was 6 pm and it was time for evening routines for the kids. Children's programme, pyjamas, tooth brushing, book, sleep.

8 pm I'm on the net to check in with my friends online and write this blog. Now, at 9.30 pm I will go and have a litre of pure alkaline water and spend some time with Linda before bedtime. God night and see you tomorrow.

Today I'm grateful for having made excellent eating choices, for spending an extra two hours with my kids and for having a lot of supportive friends around this globe. Thank you all.

In divine love

Monday, June 8, 2009

DAY ELEVEN - eating habits

Most welcome my friend

Now that you know my daily routines(that are quite easy acctually) I thought I'd be a great idea to talk about what I aim to eat. I might also be good to tell you that these are the aims I have. I cannot do all these things living where I do at this point in time in a reasonable way so I do the best I can with what is possible and reasonable.

These are my eating aims:

1. Eat foods that are giving the most nutrients possible with the least amount of energy needed from the body. This means all meat, fish, poultry, dairy and chemicals are banned. Greens, vegetables and fruits, nuts, healthy oils and salt is my main focus. (I'll go deeper into this one in a later post looking at where I stand in nutrition and body chemestry.)

2. Eat foods that are organic or biodynamic and in peace with nature and locally grown. I choose first organic/biodynamic, second local, whenver possible and within reasonable prices. A huge problem for me is the avialibility of biodynamic foods, it's almost non-existent. Organic foods are easier, still a lot of things are not. Locally grown produce is easy during the summer and early autumn.

3. Eat living foods for a living body. Avoid foods heated above body temperature and frozen foods. Frozen and dehydrated foods I can have occasionally. I have no real need for dehydrated food. Sometimes I dry food (like sprouts) in room temperature, but not very often. Frozen is harder. During most of the year a lot of berries are not availible if not bought frozen. I also pick my own berries and to be able to eat all I have to freeze. So I choose fresh in season at the moment and if not aviailible I choose frozen. A solution is to not eat berries during non-season, yet I'm not prepared to take that step right now. Also processed raw foods is a second choice. I don't eat much of these, except cold pressed extra vigin oils.

4. Eat no more than 3 different foods at the same time that don't interfear with each other. Remenber to not mix certain food groups. (I will come back to this point in a later post.)

5. Eat about 500 g at each meal twice a day. This point has alot to do with healing and focusing on the right foods. At the moment I eat breakfast, lunch and an evening meal most days. Some days I snack, some days I replace a meal with a large juice. (I will treat this in a later post.)

6. Eat with the sky above my head and the grass beneth my feet, i.e. outdoors barefooted in nature. This point is really hard to do in Sweden during the cold season, 4-5 month. Some days, living a "normal" life, it can also be hard to do, yet I try to at least get skin contact with nature at least once every day. Most days I get barefooted and stroll in the grass. Other days I let my hand or my face touch the leaves of a tree or a bush. I breath and feel the unity. I try to eat at least one meal outside, most often it's the evening meal.

7. Eat slowly, chew each bite until liquid. Don't eat if emotionally upset. Breath and relax. I have a hard time doing this. In the morning I have to get to work or get up even earlier and I don't see that as an option at the moment, so I try to just relax and eat as slow as possible without feeling stressed out. Lunch at work is time flexible yet I like to get outside to take a walk after lunch and I don't want to have to work all evening. Normally I eat for about 45 minutes to an hour and try to enjoy the company of my colleges fully. Sometimes I get a bit stressed when I have a meeting after lunch. My evening meal is sometimes taken in with my family. And eating with kids can be a bit stressful. If eaten later (after kids bedtime) it's easier to focus and eat slowly. I try to remeber to focus on the good healing properties of the foods I eat. I don't always succed in this - yet.

8. Drink sufficient amounts of pure alkaline water. The body is made out of +70% water so drinking is important. I go by the rule 1 litre/15 kg (appx. 1 quart/30 pounds). This means about 4 litre (1 gallon) for me each day. I dring one litre upon arising in the morning, one litre in the morning (around 9-10 am), one litre in the afternoon (aroung 3-5 pm) and one litre just before bedtime. Drinking also helps in keeping cravings away. If I get craving I normally first have a big glas of water and wait for 15-30 minutes. If I still have cravings I try to choose something non-sweet. (I will come back to this in a later post.)

This is the eating habits I'd like to fully embrace. I cannot at the moment and if I'm really gonna be able to, I probably have to move to a warmer climate.

Today I had an attack of cravings just after lunch, which consisted of greens, apples, coconut oil and raisins. I got this surge for sweets and had some figs afterwards. That made my cravings even stronger and I had some more raisins and almonds. I really like the taste and didn't feel any guilt about it. It was all raw. Yet one to two hour after my meal I felt gassy and sluggish. I had this ache in my digestive tract. It lasted for about 4 hours. I had only a vegetable juice this evening. I'm very grateful for this experience. I learned to not mix nuts and sweets. I "knew" this before, yet today I really felt an emotional learning took place. I'm happy for that. I love what I'm experiencing. I love the learning and connection within myself. I love myself.

"love your neighbor as you love yourself"

I like this quote for it presuppose you love yourself in order to love your neighbor. More people should allow themselfs to love themselfs. Hug yourself and tell yourself; I love me. It is kind of strange in the beginnning, yet very uplifting and makes you elated after a few times.
I wish you a vibrant day, full of love, laughter and true gratitude. Tell the good word to others. Be a messanger of love and peace. Inspire and live.

In divine love

Sunday, June 7, 2009

DAY TEN - playtime

Unsurpassed is you presence. You are most welcome here.

I have just completed day ten of one hundred days for ultimate health. This is my challenge and I feel in my whole body, mind and soul this is an incredible journey. I have another day of total bliss. I am so grateful for all events happening right now. My kids are so wonderful, my body is light and my mind is clear. I love hanging with my kids, playing with them is outrageously fun. Today we had cooler weather, yet sunny. We went to some friends who have kids the same age and played at their playground. I swing, balancing on fences, digging in the sandbox, making sandcakes, running, jumping and so on.

Being an old gymnast I love to use my body. Thou some things I haven't been able to do for a lot of years. Like standing on my hands. I tried yesterday and whoosh(!) - no problem. I feel very strong in my posture, my abdominal and back muscles. Today I stood for quite some time and didn't get bloodpreasure fall, and I felt so balanced all the time. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have pulled it of. Not a chance in this cosmos. I feel so light and yet so strong. I feel energized, centered and vibrant. I feel love and gratitude. I feel happiness. I am the truth, I am love. I love you.

In divine love


Saturday, June 6, 2009

DAY NINE - waterfast


Yesterday was day nine on my health challenge and it was waterfast day. It went by smoothly. I had no problems during the day with any cravings, and haven't really had any since I started this challenge. So I guess cravings is mostly psycological. It's a menthal state of mind. The sugar cravings I had the first two days are all gone. And those were very minor. Of course I was very motivated those first days. I'm still very motivated on completing this challenge and rewriting my future destiny.

My morning routines are the same on waterfast days as on all other days. In fact all my routines are the same, exept that I drink a litre of water for braekfast and one for lunch. For dinner I have a big glas of water with 1 tsp herb salt (Herbamare from dr. Vogel). It makes the water become a like vegetable broth.

For the rest of the day my routines aren't as timely fixed as with my morning routines. There are three exeptions, lunch dinner and bedtime.

> Lunch is eaten at noon and afterwards I take a walk for at least 30 minutes.

> Dinner is eaten between 5 and 6 pm

> Bedtime is supposed to be 10 pm, thou I never get in bet until midnight. Before bedtime I take
a cold shower to rinse of the waste on my skin that comes from inside. The cold water is really rejuvinating and I feel very relaxed going to bed. I also try to get some time to go thru the day and hang aound some good things that I can be grateful for that have occured.

Other routines that are time flexible are;
> dinking 4-5 litre of pure water with ½ tsp NaCOH3 (and if desired a slice of lemon or lime).

> breathing deeply twice a day to get plentful of oxygen into my blood. I try to do this outside. The routine is 5 seconds each, breath in - hold - breath out - hold and so on for about five minutes. It really helps me getting focused, balances, clam and it clears my mind of cluttering thoughts.

> keeping a journal on how I feel after eating. This is a good way to follow up on things that I can aprove. I also note if I have anything else disturbing me and try to feel gratitude for finding it so that I can change it.

> to love myself no matter what happens, appreciate the small things and be grateful for everything (is the way it is for a reason).

In addition to these routines I take six days of eating and one day to rest. This is waterfast day. I choose Saturday to eliminate any second thoughts on eating anything outside my program since the possible temtation is greater on these days. It also feels really exceptional to know that I rest my body and allow it to cleance more deeply the same day most people really abuse their bodies, even those eating healthier. So it really fills my need for significance.

I have not yet experienced any bad days emotionally. If the come or not I leave to the future. I feel a bit hungry some days, yet a glas of water helps most times. If not, I have something to eat. I have noticed that if I don't drink my water I tend to get sugar cravings. Funny thing, isn't it? How are they related? I had one of these days last week and it ended in eating a lot of dried fruits and nuts. It was delisious and I'm grateful for the insight it gave me.

I feel a great need to go thru my eating choices as well and I will in a few days.

Until next time I wish you a blessed time.
In divine love

Friday, June 5, 2009

EIGHT DAYS and counting

Most welcome my friend.
Lets talk about daily routines today.

Why? Because that's basicly the essence of life. 99% of our actions (and thoughts) are not made by choice, but rather by habit. Habit equals routines I'd say. And in my opinion concistency of actions creates extraordinary results - positiv or negative. So having a daily routine that is positive on the outcome of my goal, to create a vibrant health in one hundred days, is very essential for me to reach my goal. So what is my daily routine? What do I aim to make as my consistent habits in everyday life?

First of all let me open up my heart and be honest with you. I do not get it right 100% yet. I am +95% raw and highly alkaline (probably over 75% following the principles of the new biology by dr. Robert Young). So the food is the easy part. It's easy to focus on and easy to measure. The real issue is the habits of every day living. Those habits I've had since my teens, and perhaps even longer. And the longer I've had them, the harder they are to rid myself of. Also one have to realise that all things we do fills a need for something. So it's not just to skip a habit or routine. You have to replace it with something else that can fill that particular need at the same level or better.

One of my strongest needs is the need of love and connection. And in order to get my eating up to above 95% raw and highly alkaline, I have felt an urge to give up the morning and afternoon break at work. Still this time is very important for me. Working in an office sometimes is very isolating and these breaks are a good way to catch up on social needs (and gossip haha! he said with great irony). Anyway I figured that this need of connection can be meet somewhere else, somewhere outside the coocked, processed and sugar coated realm of nutri-lack city. I searched my soul and found an exceptional replacement. Walking in nature connecting to nature and the infinite knowledge of the eternal universe, or God if you prefere. (Yet I don't like to put whatever holds the universe together in a box so I'll go with the infinite knowledge of the eternal universe or simlpy stated IKEU (NO not IKEA). Maybe we can agree on calling this force; everything. Excellent decision! Now lets get back on track.)

Connecting with everything gives me an even more intense feeling of connection and an abundant feeling of love and gratitude. It is far more powerfull than the human relations I get at work. (I still love those warm persons, don't get me wrong.) On "good" days I feel no need for human contact or relations. I'm more than satisfied oscillating with the rhythm of the grass under my feet. I prefeer to meet nature barefooted.

So, what is my new daily routine then? Well it's quite simple and does not call for a genius. Great huh? If I can do it, anyone can. Just adjust it to fill your needs in a good and sound sence. Lets start today with my morning routines.

5:45 or (if you have a more consistent daily rhythm of the sun) just before sunrise

> Rise and shine, get up at once (snoozing makes you even more tired) and focus on something exiting about today.

> Go to the bathroom and do whatever neccessary (I normally pee)

> Drink 1 litre of pure water with a slice of lemon and ½ tsp NaCOH3 (sodium bicarbonate) to alkalise and flush. Meditate, study or focus on something positive while drinking (I usally take about 15 minutes for this action, in all).

> Excersice! I normally take 20 minutes to do a bit of yoga, yet I also enjoy a more intence workout, like running or bouncing.

> Take a cool or cold shower to rinse of waste and old skin. A cold shower is rejuvenating, a cool is soothing. (A hot shower will open your pores and re-absorb the waste and toxins which will enervate the skin.)

> Have a light/medium breakfast. At the moment I need my breakfast. I have eaten it for all my life, thou I've made it lighter, and will continue in that direction. Eating a small raw breakfast also helps me to stay focused on my eating goals.

After this morning ritual I'm ready to go to work. Time is normally around 7:15 by now, which means that I get to work before 7:30 most days. I acctually have no problems getting these routines right. Thay are easy to follow and doing them upon arising stops distractions from entering and ruin the flow.

Tomorrow I'll go on with the rest of my daily routines and tell you what I normally miss/fail in doing.

Untill then I like you to think of at least one thing in your life that you are really grateful for. What makes you grateful about it? How does it make you feel?
Then do the same thing with love. What/who do you really love rith now? Who loves you? How does it feel?
Now make this a routine. Ask these simple questions at least once every day. Find a good moment of the day that you can use consitently. Make it a habit. Transform yourself! LIVE!!!

You are strong and beautiful. Shine!
See you tomorrow.

In divine love

PS. Feel free to leave a note on your gratitude/love questions. DS.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello and welome to my realm of energy.

So a full week has past, seven full days on a raw food diet with an alkaline base. Today I have eaten faboulously good food. We had a summer lunch at work and ordered food. In total we were 48 people. The catering was my responsibility. We had a grill buffé, yet I made sure we got a lot of salad on the table. We acctually changed the ribbs for salad and cheese (separated). So I could easily have a whole food living lunch and still pick from the same table as everyone else. I was very pleased and the lunch was a success.

Today is a short blog, yet I am very grateful for this day. I had excellent food and good excersice. I had good communication with others. I personally want to than a good friend for calling, he made my day. Thank you Pierre. (You can visit him here.)

Now the hour is too late, I promise to make tomorrow longer.

Everything is a miracle

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I salute your presence!

So I have made it thru 6 % of my challenge. It's such a good thing to make it a hundred days, it's so easy to measure progress. :) I really enjoy this ride and today I have made some really good choices, like going out for a 30 minutes walk after my lunch. I am so lucky to live in this town. It is so beautiful, green and nature is so present. It's a true gift to stroll in the green surroundings of Motala. It heals the woulds of asphalt and concrete. It fills the hole of consumtion. And it brings love and gratitude into my life so strong I can breath deep and slow and feel the touch of the universe.

I picked up my kids from kindergarden today. I do so twice a week. It's so much fun to spend time with them. Those extra hours really makes a different. I have to work my ass of the rest of the days! No, just kidding. I gives me such a good connection with them. And I try to make fun things with them. Like hiking, bicykling, playing at some playground or swinging. They make me behave - and FEEL - like a kid again. It is very liberating. I'm immensively grateful for every day, hour, minute I get to spend time with them. They really bring the best out of me (still they can annoy me really bad from time to time, hahaha).

I'm really exited gazing towards the future. My expected outcome from this Ultimate Health Challenge I have created makes me feel so good and creates abundant energy just by thought.

I'm happy for all my supportive friends all around this globe, some more and you know who you are. Thank you!

Part of my plan is to everyday focus on these feelings; gratitude, love, happyness and exitement. To create these feelings we must focus. To get the right focus we must ask good questions. So every day I ask myself the following questions:

> What am I grateful for today?

> What about it makes me grateful?

> How does it make me feel?

I take time to answer and more time to really feel those good and healing feelings flow thru my body, mind and soul. And then I just change the word for whatever feeling I like to experience. This is part of my evening routine at the moment.

During the day I sit down at least twice and breath. 5 out - 5 hold - 5 in - 5 hold and then repeat for 5 minutes. Easy to remember, easy to do. This breathing routine helps me to refocus, rebalance and direct my thoughts. It also gives my brain a good oxygen injection so I can perform better in my daily life, thinking clearer. The deep breathing also helps the lymph to move and thereby helps to move waste from metabolism out of the system cleansing the body.

I have noticed that I eat lesser when I eat good alkalising and raw foods. Sugars makes me want to eat more and more and more and more (and if they are processed, even more and more and more!). I can remeber a time when I had days I fell back on sweets. Even if I ate more than on a usual evening I always was hungrier the next morning. Now I can feel it if I give in for cravings with raw sweets. The next morning am more hungry than if I hadn't. I take this as evidence that sugars (and chemicals) steal nutrients and minerals from the body when breaking down. In order to balance acid/base the body pulls alkalising minerals from itself to neutralise the acid waste created by sugar break down. I still will "reward" myself and "treat" myself with raw sweets, yet I feel those moments will be less and less frequent.

Now I really have to get some rest.

Start fast, finish strong

In divine love


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Greetings dear friend

Today was a rainy day outside, and cold as well, only nine degrees Celsius. Funny, yesterday it was 28 degrees. Anyway I have had another day of raw success and a fairly alkaline day as well (alkaline according to dr. Robert Young's "new biology" and "the pH-miracle"). Those are top goals in my Ultimate Health Challenge. My diet today cosisted of;

Wake up; 1 litre of filtered water with sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and a thin slice of lemon.
Breakfast; 2 bananas, 1 handful soaked almonds, 1 handful sprouted sunflower seeds, some salt ans cinnamon in the blender with some water until smooth. Poured in a bowl and served with some raw nut müesli, at 7 am.
Morning coffee (without the coffee); 1 litre of filtered water with tsp NaHCO3 around eleven.
Lunch; 150 g leafy sallads, 250 g tomatoes, 100g broccoli, rape seed oil and sea salt at 1 pm.
Tea; 1 litre of filtered water with tsp NaHCO3 at about 3 pm.
Dinner; ½ litre green soup made from banana, mung bean sprouts, romane lettuce, cucumber and zuccini. Spiced with curry and cayenne. Ate at 6 pm.
Snacks; raisins, dried apricot, figs and prunes (about a handful of each)

Bed time; 1 litre of filtered water with sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and a thin slice of lemon. (I haven't drunk this one yet, yet I do every evening and have done for several years so I promise I won't miss it today).

So it was a good day. I don't regret anything (wouldn't make anything different anyway so why waste energy on it) thou I will try in the future to skip the snacks on weekdays at least. They gave me a heartburn. Got to find a good and empowering way to get around it.

I find the colder weather makes me eat more. Perhaps it is the lesser time spend outdoos in nature and the lack of inner peace there of. I find spending time in nature helps a lot filling the big hole inside that wants me to eat and fill it (still it never fills from that behavour). I think another way to handle it might be 1) stay focused on my outcome (Ultimate Health) and 2) finding something to do with a greater purpose, something else to fill the hole with when nature seems less friendly and inviting. I know it's just a mindset, still it's not so nice to go outside in nine degrees, wind and rain. I so'd love to live closer to the equator. The weather and even more for the possibillities to cultivate and grow food all year around. Here in Sweden we have approximately 7-8 month of growing season (all plants included, even winter apples and winter sallads) and about 2-3 month of summer heat. Perhaps global warming is a good thing! No, just kidding. I'd rather move than spoil the planet. And besides, global warmning doesn't handle sunlight hours. I get all meessed up, and lately I have seem to become more sensitive. In the summer it gets light at about 3-4 am and dark between 11-12 pm. In the winter it dawns between 8-9 am and then dark again around 3-4 pm. How is it possible to listen to your inner clock then? I haven't figured it our yet. And since I seem to get more and more sensitive to this cinner clock the longer and more raw I become, I'm starting to see a problem here. Yet I'm grateful for getting in contact with my inner self and the realms of my soul and origin - nature.

Beck to eating from this sidetrack. All raw foods are ok. Yet I try to eat less sweet fruits, less grains and less dehydrated foods. I can eat freely from leafy greens (>200 g /day), non-sweet fruits, vegetables, sprouts, cold pressed extra virgin oils, salt and water. Chlorophyll is the gratest medicine. I also allow myself to enjoy lightly steamed vegetables sparingly. Everything else is non-foods. The raw food is Gods food and divine in it's composition. I treaure every delisious nutritious food and eat it with presence and gratitude, feeling the healing of my body.

Now it's time for healing in horizontal mode.

Auf wiedersehn, goodbye, hejdå, ciao!
I'll see you tomorrow.
In divine love

Monday, June 1, 2009


Welcome to day four.

I just had the most divine dinner in my life ever - on my own. I had a garlic-mungbean sprout soup and ate it in the dawning sunlight sitting in the gras under one of the trees in our garden. It was magical and I felt so connected to nature. I felt calmness and happyness. I felt gratitude for being blessed living today, for having the ability to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, laught and mostly for having the ability to love. I love myself deeply and thru myself I find great power to love others unconditionally. I cannot give you my experience as it was, you have to create your own, yet I can hand you the recipe:

1 dl mungbean sprouts
70g baby leaf spinach
½ cucumber
1 tbsp extra virgin cold pressed hemp seed oil
1 tsp minced onion
1 small clove of garlic, minced
pinch of sea salt
pinch of black pepper
pinch of cayenne
dried stevia leafes for sweetness
filtered water with a twist of lemon for concistency

Add all ingredients to blender and blend until even. Pour in your favorite bowl, sit down with the sky above your head and the gras beneth your feet. Breeth slowly and connect to your inner gratitude for life. Grab your spoon and feel the enery and healing properties as you slowly circulate the soup in your mouth blending it well with your saliva. Swollow and feel the divine food enter you inner sphere and let the healing start, let the energies dance and let the abundant love flow into your life. Share your experience...

So it was a very beautiful half an hour. I really enjoyed myself. I am very exited and curious of what greatness will cross my path tomorrow. Now sleep is required for my mind, body and soul. I talk to you tomorrow, beautiful creature.

In divine love