Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I salute your presence!

So I have made it thru 6 % of my challenge. It's such a good thing to make it a hundred days, it's so easy to measure progress. :) I really enjoy this ride and today I have made some really good choices, like going out for a 30 minutes walk after my lunch. I am so lucky to live in this town. It is so beautiful, green and nature is so present. It's a true gift to stroll in the green surroundings of Motala. It heals the woulds of asphalt and concrete. It fills the hole of consumtion. And it brings love and gratitude into my life so strong I can breath deep and slow and feel the touch of the universe.

I picked up my kids from kindergarden today. I do so twice a week. It's so much fun to spend time with them. Those extra hours really makes a different. I have to work my ass of the rest of the days! No, just kidding. I gives me such a good connection with them. And I try to make fun things with them. Like hiking, bicykling, playing at some playground or swinging. They make me behave - and FEEL - like a kid again. It is very liberating. I'm immensively grateful for every day, hour, minute I get to spend time with them. They really bring the best out of me (still they can annoy me really bad from time to time, hahaha).

I'm really exited gazing towards the future. My expected outcome from this Ultimate Health Challenge I have created makes me feel so good and creates abundant energy just by thought.

I'm happy for all my supportive friends all around this globe, some more and you know who you are. Thank you!

Part of my plan is to everyday focus on these feelings; gratitude, love, happyness and exitement. To create these feelings we must focus. To get the right focus we must ask good questions. So every day I ask myself the following questions:

> What am I grateful for today?

> What about it makes me grateful?

> How does it make me feel?

I take time to answer and more time to really feel those good and healing feelings flow thru my body, mind and soul. And then I just change the word for whatever feeling I like to experience. This is part of my evening routine at the moment.

During the day I sit down at least twice and breath. 5 out - 5 hold - 5 in - 5 hold and then repeat for 5 minutes. Easy to remember, easy to do. This breathing routine helps me to refocus, rebalance and direct my thoughts. It also gives my brain a good oxygen injection so I can perform better in my daily life, thinking clearer. The deep breathing also helps the lymph to move and thereby helps to move waste from metabolism out of the system cleansing the body.

I have noticed that I eat lesser when I eat good alkalising and raw foods. Sugars makes me want to eat more and more and more and more (and if they are processed, even more and more and more!). I can remeber a time when I had days I fell back on sweets. Even if I ate more than on a usual evening I always was hungrier the next morning. Now I can feel it if I give in for cravings with raw sweets. The next morning am more hungry than if I hadn't. I take this as evidence that sugars (and chemicals) steal nutrients and minerals from the body when breaking down. In order to balance acid/base the body pulls alkalising minerals from itself to neutralise the acid waste created by sugar break down. I still will "reward" myself and "treat" myself with raw sweets, yet I feel those moments will be less and less frequent.

Now I really have to get some rest.

Start fast, finish strong

In divine love


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