Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Greetings fellow human

The last days I have been very tired. I have been sleeping 8-10 hour a night since Friday. I feel a bit low as well today and I felt the same yesterday... I think I want to do something else in my life than giong to my work every day for the upcomming 30+ years or so. I want to do something inspireing, something that makes a difference in peoples lives, something that changes their perception of reality. I need to take my journey to another dimension. I don't know how or when, yet it have to be soon and I know how will come to me when time is ready. Freddie Mercury said it so well; "I want to break free". I say;

"Love is circulating in my life. I am grateful for everything. All strength, knowledge and wealth I need will come to me on my demand and in the rigth time."

This simple incantation I repeat to myself when I run (at least twice a week). I say it with emotion and strength. I say it and believe it. I feel it. And I feel great repeating it. When time is right I will find the strength to set myself free.

This is my aim for what foods I put into myself to fuel my body, mind and soul:

> air; outdoor, open window, breathing breaks, yoga, excercise.

> water; >4 litres of pure alkaline water on a daily basis

> food; raw >95%, alkaline foods; >80%
This means foods always allowed; leafy greens, most vegetables (espesially green ones), non-sweet fruits (like cucumber, tomatoes, paprika, avocado ect), soaked almonds, sprouts, extra virgin oils from olive, hemp, rape seeds and flax, grasses.
Foods in moderation; sweet fruits, most nuts, dehydrated or frozen food, lightly steemed vegetables.
Foods never allowed; animal protein (i.e. meat, chicken, fish, dairy), chemical addatives, processed sugars, processed carbohydrates, boiled, fried or deep fried foods, heated oils.

How can you live on that? Are you getting all nutrients needed? Don't you get bored? How about variety? are some of the questions I get about my dietary choises. It struck me today that I probably eat a more varied diet than most "all-eaters" and I probably get a wider span of nutrients and in a more balanced and cleaner way than most meat-eaters. When comparing to how I ate some 4 years ago, before this journey started, I eat a more varied diet today, even thou I ate "everything" back then. Now I enjoy at least 10-15 different leafy greens during the year, depending on season. I eat a wider range of vegetables (not only tomtoes, cucmber and paprika). I eat a wider range of fruits, all kinds. I eat more nuts, healthy oils and berries. I have started eating sprouts (super nutrient dense). I juice grasses. I juice! And I eat more organic and besides I don't destroy my nutrients by heating the food.

An interesting point of view is the fact that for some vegetables the nutrients become more available when the veggie is cooked, like carrots and kale. Yet I believe if chewed properly (until liquid) the difference is bridged. Also cooked food is (in my experience) very seldom chewed enough since it does not need to be chewed 30+ times to break down in your mouth. So the saliva isn't as present when breakdown begins in the digestive system. So this is a big part of my program as well; to chew slowly and thoroughly until the food is liquid. This is really hard, for time is often limited and I am used to (still) to chew fast. Thou I feel I have made progress, especially in terms of consitency. I still chew to fast, yet I cannot swallow if not almost liquid. Sometimes I use a blender to help me, thou I always chew a few times anyway.
Before we part for today I want to leave you a note;
"Live as if there was no tomorrow, learn as if you lived forever."
In divine love and sound health
your servant

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