Saturday, June 13, 2009

DAY SIXTEEN - waterfasting

Hi dear friend,

and most welcome to this unique day. This day that will never return. What have you done to make this day rememberable? What have you done today to make this world a better place to live? In what ways have you given love to those around you? What is there in your life to be grateful for today? How have you improved the health and quality of your life today? Think of it...

These are my answers:
I have been waterfasting today to rest my digestive tract and let my body heal. I ran 7.8 k and did a short round of hatha yoga afterwards. I have been focusing on all good things in my life, like my family, that I have a roof above my head when it's cold and raining, good quality food on my table whenever I want it, loving friends, siblings and parents, a clear vision of my reason for being born and a plan for making it happen. These things creates ease on my mind and therefor improves my health. I'm also very grateful for all these things, especially all high quality relationships im co-creating. I'm grateful for the love circulating in my life and for the strength I feel in my body. I'm very thankful for obstacles appearing, for they make me grow. I have given love to my children by spending time with them, hugging, playing and telling them I love them. I have told my mother; I love you, when talking on the phone with her. I have made an effort to make this world a better place by giving love unconditionally to others and to myself, by being a friend and by giving myself the gift of healing.

Yesterday I stated I will by the end of this year have held at least 1 lecture on health and wellness. So I drew a brief plan before going to bed. This is what I need to do:
> Set a date fo the lecture
> Continue and complete my 100 days of health.
> Read, study and meditate on health, what it consits of and how it all fits together.
> Create a good motivating program, what and how.
> Market my lecture
> Book someplace to hold my lecture

Since it has been waterfast day today I feel very light and lean.
Tomorrow I will continue with one day of juicefasting since I feel the momentum of clensing.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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