Sunday, June 14, 2009

DAY SEVENTEEN - juicefasting

Hey you,

today I continued my waterfast with a juicefast. It wasn't really planned, I just felt like it during my waterfast day and it has been a good day. Espesially since we went to Linda's mum's place. For some reason there is always an abundance of bad food there and for some reason I always used to fall back there. Today was not such a day. I was persistent in keeping my liquid fast. Drinking 1 litre of water with nettlepowder and ½ litre of almond milk with vanilla (sweetened with stevia) made it an easy journey. Still I felt hungry when dinner was served. I still like the smell of tacos, and there are a lot of greens and veggies served along with it. Yet I believe that the sensation of hunger is more linked to emotions than real hunger. almost 30 years of conditioning can't be wiped away easily without an effort. Yet I believe it can be wiped out rapidly with the right technics, suck as NLP or NAC. It's all about conditioning a new empowering pattern. Then of course I have to reinforce it regularly. Next time I smell cooked foods, and onwards, I will focus on something that I dislike and that makes me feel awful. Like slaughter, dairy production, industrial processing of foods or chemical addatives. I was thinking manure, then I realised I don't dislike that. It's so good for the soil and good soil is essential for good foods. So I'll just focus on the commercial food industry and it's ways to make money on behalf of human and animal health.

I have felt very tired these last few days, sleeping about 8-10 hours a night. This is a good sign as I see it for sleep is rest and rest is healing. Besides sleeping a lot I have been working out at least 30 minutes every day these last days as well. Being on my fast have left me not powerless, but tired and in great need for rest. It is, to me, a great sign of healing. Tomorrow I'll break my fast even thou I feel excellent fasting this time. I was to remember fasting as an excellent thing. A good thing that I have notcied already having these weekly fasts is that I tend to eat more controlled (meaning not stuffing myself with foods) those other days of the week. Normally it tends to accelerate from first eating day until the day before the fast. So fasting helps me get back on track. I very grateful for this insight and grateful that I'm staring to love fasts.

I managed to get some time of the family today to read. So I finished reading "don't eat this book" by Morgan Spurlock. I was in tears. Tears of fear and tear of joy. I strongly recoment this book for anyone with the least intrest in how the modern economy and hunt for money devastates peoples lives. And also creates a resistant as people find out the truth. I encourage you to be a strong force and choose with your fork. For the sake of mankind.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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