Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi ya'll, wazzup?

Hehe... today I got a call from kindergarden, had to pick up my daughter with fever.
Today it's a short post.

Briefly; no incidents. Stayed on track. Had a little surge for sweets this evening, so I made a raw dessert out of almonds, raisins, coconut oil, vanilla powder and cacao. Delicious!

Today I'm grateful about the positive energy flowing in my life at this precios moment.
Today I'm happy for having a loving family.
Today I'm exited about all new inspiering connections I have made thru my raw diet.
Today I'm in love with humanity and nature.

Before bedtime I invite you to a nightcap. I raise my glass of ginger/celery/carrot juice.
Let us drink to sound health and vibrant energy.

In divine love

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