Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY TWENTYFIVE - and some catching up


my fellow carrier of the divine love it is time to act. Go out into the world and give the message of love to all and everyone. I cannot tell you how, for you know your heart better than I. Follow it and it will tell you. Your soul is a part of the divine love of the universe and therefor always know the answer. Get connected to your soul and listen carefully to your inner voice. You know every answer, and every question.

Today I made day twentyfive on my challenge for ultimate health a reality! WOOHAA! I feel very good about it. I feel uplifted and strong. I feel loving and grateful. I feel unstoppable - almost...

I had a few really bad cravings this Saturday during my waterfast and I can only refeer that to high consumption of sweet fruits and cashews during the week and especially during Friday (we celebrated midsummer this day). I managed to steer clear this time and saved my emotional eating for Sunday and today. I haven't eaten cashews since and will try to keep away for a while. I will also try to grab an alkalising snack instead. This evening I made a small ginger bread dessert with dates, almonds, cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamon. It reminded me of Christmas (usually we only eat this combination of spices during Christmas season) and I thought; how great is that. Now I don't have to worry about wanting those delicious ginger bread cookies, I'll just make my own. Then I had a small sallad and since I still felt a little snacky I had som rasberry sorbet (home made with just rasberries, nothing else added). I see this pattern of wanting to snack all evening so I better get some healthier snacks ready, like carrot sticks, cucumber slices, paprika slices ect. and some delicious and nutritious avocado dip. Ouh! Better get my mind on something else than food. Perhaps some soul food.

I'm ready to continue my challenge. The next seventyfive days are going to be even better. I'm gonna make sure they are. I will keep posting thoughts, knowledge and love as usual. No worries.

For now this is it. I feel obliged to end todays notes with something one of my more outstanding friends wrote in a blog post today. Something that resonated so deep and in harmony in my heart it almost stopped. She wrote:

"Love Everyone, all the time. Even yourself. Love the mailman. Love your mom. Love George Bush. Love Osama Bin Laden. Love OJ. Love Jerry Springer. Love Ghandi. Love a solider. Love a thief. Love a rapist. Love a saint. Love a priest. Love a SAD eater. Love a widow. Love a child. Love a cow. Love a spider. Love a southerner. Love a westerner. Love someone who hates you. Love someone who loves you. Love a stranger. Love an old friend.
It is that simple. It is that hard."

Thank you Rachel for being you.

And thank YOU for reading todays post. I hope I sparked something inside that makes you want to make this world a little bit better place to be. Start within, start to love yourself and let it pour on the world. Then you will undoubtably live a miracle. For it is true, as Einstein concluded; either there are no miracles, or everything is a miracle. Make sure to live no less than what you deserve. You are a miracle. You are love.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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  1. Thank you for sharing that... especially the love everyone part. I do have difficulty with that most times since I personally feel it can a waste of my energy. But it is true... the universe with bring back to you what you put out. and with that said.. to be loved, it is important to love.

    I would like to comment on your cravings. In my opinion, the craving are your body telling you what it needs. check out the posttitled "what you believe becomes your truth" that has an article from Hippocrates magazine. Aside from the meaningful message of which the title explains, there is some talk in the article about cravings.

    Interesting enough if you give your body what it needs to sustain itself the craving will not be there. Especially on day 25 when you should be beyond most cravings.

    I have personally experienced the truth of this as well. While at Sanoviv. (Sanoviv and Hippocrates links are both on my blog you my enjoy those) The juicing and wheat grass are essential in giving the body the propper nutrients it needs.

    I hope you like my post and blog.
    and looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

    love to you and everyone.