Saturday, June 6, 2009

DAY NINE - waterfast


Yesterday was day nine on my health challenge and it was waterfast day. It went by smoothly. I had no problems during the day with any cravings, and haven't really had any since I started this challenge. So I guess cravings is mostly psycological. It's a menthal state of mind. The sugar cravings I had the first two days are all gone. And those were very minor. Of course I was very motivated those first days. I'm still very motivated on completing this challenge and rewriting my future destiny.

My morning routines are the same on waterfast days as on all other days. In fact all my routines are the same, exept that I drink a litre of water for braekfast and one for lunch. For dinner I have a big glas of water with 1 tsp herb salt (Herbamare from dr. Vogel). It makes the water become a like vegetable broth.

For the rest of the day my routines aren't as timely fixed as with my morning routines. There are three exeptions, lunch dinner and bedtime.

> Lunch is eaten at noon and afterwards I take a walk for at least 30 minutes.

> Dinner is eaten between 5 and 6 pm

> Bedtime is supposed to be 10 pm, thou I never get in bet until midnight. Before bedtime I take
a cold shower to rinse of the waste on my skin that comes from inside. The cold water is really rejuvinating and I feel very relaxed going to bed. I also try to get some time to go thru the day and hang aound some good things that I can be grateful for that have occured.

Other routines that are time flexible are;
> dinking 4-5 litre of pure water with ½ tsp NaCOH3 (and if desired a slice of lemon or lime).

> breathing deeply twice a day to get plentful of oxygen into my blood. I try to do this outside. The routine is 5 seconds each, breath in - hold - breath out - hold and so on for about five minutes. It really helps me getting focused, balances, clam and it clears my mind of cluttering thoughts.

> keeping a journal on how I feel after eating. This is a good way to follow up on things that I can aprove. I also note if I have anything else disturbing me and try to feel gratitude for finding it so that I can change it.

> to love myself no matter what happens, appreciate the small things and be grateful for everything (is the way it is for a reason).

In addition to these routines I take six days of eating and one day to rest. This is waterfast day. I choose Saturday to eliminate any second thoughts on eating anything outside my program since the possible temtation is greater on these days. It also feels really exceptional to know that I rest my body and allow it to cleance more deeply the same day most people really abuse their bodies, even those eating healthier. So it really fills my need for significance.

I have not yet experienced any bad days emotionally. If the come or not I leave to the future. I feel a bit hungry some days, yet a glas of water helps most times. If not, I have something to eat. I have noticed that if I don't drink my water I tend to get sugar cravings. Funny thing, isn't it? How are they related? I had one of these days last week and it ended in eating a lot of dried fruits and nuts. It was delisious and I'm grateful for the insight it gave me.

I feel a great need to go thru my eating choices as well and I will in a few days.

Until next time I wish you a blessed time.
In divine love

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