Thursday, June 25, 2009

DAY TWENTYEIGHT - good foods of my choice

I embrace your love

and welcome you in gratitude. What have been excellent for you today? My day have been great in many ways. I have had time to do my morning routines and have gotten into a new habit of doing green smoothies in the morning. I spent time in the sun and allowed my body to soak some of that pure energy. I went for a run after work and finished of with some strength training. Had a dandileon/carrot/celery juice afterwards and some watermelon. I'm very grateful for the outstanding health choices I have made today. I'm gateful for the sunlight. I love being able to do my morningyoga outdoors. And I love my kids, my family, my friends, you, me and "the Force" (or God, Allah, the Universe if prefered).

Today I have had great meals and a rather low fruit intake (2 bananas, 1 peach and 6 slices of watermelon) Apart from that I have been eating highly alkalising foods and a lot of wildly harvested greens. I'm very exited about tomorrow, for then I will continue my journey. I long to live every day.

I thought I'd post some pics today of foods I have been eating the past 28 days. Enjoy.

In divine love and sound health

your servant


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