Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Greetings dear friend

Today was a rainy day outside, and cold as well, only nine degrees Celsius. Funny, yesterday it was 28 degrees. Anyway I have had another day of raw success and a fairly alkaline day as well (alkaline according to dr. Robert Young's "new biology" and "the pH-miracle"). Those are top goals in my Ultimate Health Challenge. My diet today cosisted of;

Wake up; 1 litre of filtered water with sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and a thin slice of lemon.
Breakfast; 2 bananas, 1 handful soaked almonds, 1 handful sprouted sunflower seeds, some salt ans cinnamon in the blender with some water until smooth. Poured in a bowl and served with some raw nut müesli, at 7 am.
Morning coffee (without the coffee); 1 litre of filtered water with tsp NaHCO3 around eleven.
Lunch; 150 g leafy sallads, 250 g tomatoes, 100g broccoli, rape seed oil and sea salt at 1 pm.
Tea; 1 litre of filtered water with tsp NaHCO3 at about 3 pm.
Dinner; ½ litre green soup made from banana, mung bean sprouts, romane lettuce, cucumber and zuccini. Spiced with curry and cayenne. Ate at 6 pm.
Snacks; raisins, dried apricot, figs and prunes (about a handful of each)

Bed time; 1 litre of filtered water with sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and a thin slice of lemon. (I haven't drunk this one yet, yet I do every evening and have done for several years so I promise I won't miss it today).

So it was a good day. I don't regret anything (wouldn't make anything different anyway so why waste energy on it) thou I will try in the future to skip the snacks on weekdays at least. They gave me a heartburn. Got to find a good and empowering way to get around it.

I find the colder weather makes me eat more. Perhaps it is the lesser time spend outdoos in nature and the lack of inner peace there of. I find spending time in nature helps a lot filling the big hole inside that wants me to eat and fill it (still it never fills from that behavour). I think another way to handle it might be 1) stay focused on my outcome (Ultimate Health) and 2) finding something to do with a greater purpose, something else to fill the hole with when nature seems less friendly and inviting. I know it's just a mindset, still it's not so nice to go outside in nine degrees, wind and rain. I so'd love to live closer to the equator. The weather and even more for the possibillities to cultivate and grow food all year around. Here in Sweden we have approximately 7-8 month of growing season (all plants included, even winter apples and winter sallads) and about 2-3 month of summer heat. Perhaps global warming is a good thing! No, just kidding. I'd rather move than spoil the planet. And besides, global warmning doesn't handle sunlight hours. I get all meessed up, and lately I have seem to become more sensitive. In the summer it gets light at about 3-4 am and dark between 11-12 pm. In the winter it dawns between 8-9 am and then dark again around 3-4 pm. How is it possible to listen to your inner clock then? I haven't figured it our yet. And since I seem to get more and more sensitive to this cinner clock the longer and more raw I become, I'm starting to see a problem here. Yet I'm grateful for getting in contact with my inner self and the realms of my soul and origin - nature.

Beck to eating from this sidetrack. All raw foods are ok. Yet I try to eat less sweet fruits, less grains and less dehydrated foods. I can eat freely from leafy greens (>200 g /day), non-sweet fruits, vegetables, sprouts, cold pressed extra virgin oils, salt and water. Chlorophyll is the gratest medicine. I also allow myself to enjoy lightly steamed vegetables sparingly. Everything else is non-foods. The raw food is Gods food and divine in it's composition. I treaure every delisious nutritious food and eat it with presence and gratitude, feeling the healing of my body.

Now it's time for healing in horizontal mode.

Auf wiedersehn, goodbye, hejdå, ciao!
I'll see you tomorrow.
In divine love

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