Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DAY TWENTY - celebration


to me, to you and to the world. 20% done. I'm excited. Still, I still feel a bit low... I have been eating to much nuts these last few days and that makes me so tired in the evening. Thou I will get past this as well, it's probably an emotional cleanse. I have this beautiful friend (funny, I just have sooo many beautiful friends and I really love them all) and I read a comment she made in a discussion. She experienced severe emotional cleanse going raw and did overeat during this time, then her emotions settled at a good state and so did the eating. So I don't stress about it much, thou it's kind of dull to fall asleep putting your kids to bed (and still it's so cosy to fall asleep beside them). I'm sure the problem will resolve in the upcomming 30 days.

I haven't been celebrating much today, I'm saving it for the 25th day, thats one forth into my challenge. That's on Monday. I have to plan something. Something I like to DO. Hmmm.... gotta wake my inner child. What do I dream about doing...

First time I really understood the relationship between food and health was on an event in 2006. I know there was a relationship prior to this and I had changes some of my eating habits already, thou attending this event really made me grasp the great connection between the two. This event was the starting point for my current health journey.

I was not experiensing severe health issues, I had no cronic diseases (except for some slight inconvinience with asthma), no excess weight, no sickness or alike. Thou I had noticed that during the last years I had lost the energy and endurance I had when I was twenty. I could have accepted this fact of getting older, yet I didn't (and I'm glad I didn't). I remember thinking, "Twentysix is no age for feeling like this, I should have unlimited amounts of energy, an abundance of vitality and excellent endurance. Yet I don't. What is wrong?" This seminar answered some of my questions. And it really got me engaged in finding a solutin to my problem. I'm certain alkaline raw food is the answer. At least it has cured my asthma and created more energy and better endurance. Still I think I can get even more from it, since I haven't been totally true to my believes. I have been wasting my time, my money, my self asteem and a lot of credability among my friends. This challenge is here to change all that. To make me stay 100% raw and high alkaline.

The challenges I had, that made me start this journey in 2006, boils down to one thing really - getting enough nutrients into my body. This does not only mean eating sufficient amounts of nutrients. This also means that the body must be able to absorb and use the nutrients put into it. This is the root of ageing, the bodys lessened ability to absorb nutrients. That's why I believe in food combining and the alkaline diet.

Food combining helps the body absorb nutrients by not mixing food groups that interfer in digestion. For example fruits take two hours to digest, starches three, protein four... so mixing these might interfer with digestion and leave some parts of the food undigested. Undigested food have two problems. First problem is that all nutrients are not relesed, second is the fermentation of leftovers creating acid and possible bacterial and/or viral growt in the digestive tract. The second may damage the internal environment of the digenstive tract and therefor restrict the absorbtion of nutrients.

"The body is alkaline by design and acid by function", says Robert Young authour of the pH Miracle, so keeping the body in an alkaline state is essential for life. When the internal environment of the digestive tract becomes to acid it starts to get damaged. And if allowed to continue sooner or later we lose the ability to absorb nutrients. This weakens and ages the body in an increasing rate. For some persons an acid digestive tract leads to Chron's, IBS or even cancer. A good thing thou is the body's ability to heal itself. This is where an alkaline diet is most useful. Plentyfull of alkaline foods rich in chlorphyll is an excellent start.

So eating raw is for the nutrient content, eating alkaline is for the pH balance of my body and food combining is for best use of nutrients and a less stressful environment for the digestive tract.

Today I'm grateful for the abundance of sunshine present here today.
I'm grateful for having beautiful, healthy children (who have eaten raw supper with me yesterday and today, yay!)
I love moving my body, it's so light (thou I've never been overweight) and strong and lean.
I love myself for taking this challenge for real and I'm grateful for completing day twenty in an excellent fashion.
I'm also grateful for the time you took reading this. Thank you beloved.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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