Thursday, June 18, 2009

DAY TWENTYONE - live-give-love

I salute you dear friend
in love and unity.

Another day have passed in my life. Another raw day... another great day moving towards greater health, more vitality, more energy and greater endurance. I am grateful for choices made today. Eating healthy, spending valuable time with a thoughtful and wise friend, doing my daily routines (outside of eating). I love my kids and family. I love my friends. I love! So lets talk about love today.

I am love. You are love. Our souls made of love. We are all one and we are love. Love is the core of all humans. Every childs love is unlimited and totally unconditional. Love is unity. And it's lost in the illusion of separation. The illusion of us being parted. Divided from each other, from nature, from other living creatures, from the universe. When we see ourselfs as one, love is inevitable. We cannot discard nature when we are one with it, we must love it, for it is us. We cannot hate our neighbour when we realise she is a part of me, not apart from me. Whatever you bring to the world you bring to yourself.

When it comes to giving love it's easy. Giving is living. Living is loving. And loving is giving. It's a sacred trinity. Any of these expressed from the heart leads to the next, that leads to the next and so on. Remember one thing. Love withheld creates fear (and fear can lead to anger, depression or even rage), yet not for the other person but for you. Let me explain in a very intelligible way, simply because it is so important for your wellbeing.
If someone does not meet your rules for satisfying your need (whatever it may be; love, connection, significance, trust, reliability; you name it) and you , as a punishment (and I know you don't do this) decides to withhold your love for that person. Perhaps he/she didn't do the dishes, as you hoped, by the time you came back from the grocery store. So you decide to not give that hug or kiss you planned, that touch, say those words.
"So who's getting the punishment?"
Well, you are!
"How come?"
All love comes from inside yourself, even love given to you.
Think about it. Really hard. If you give love, you feel love, as it flows from your heart and soul. If you recieve love, you must accept the love given. The only way to do that is to love yourself enough to accept you can be loved by others. Loving yourself is no different than loving someone else, for we are all one. You have to give love to yourself to recieve love. And by giving yourself love, you will feel it as it flows from your heart and soul. If you don't love yourself, you won't feel the love given by others to you. If you restrain your love for others you'll close the gate to those feelings for you will stop giving. If you stop giving you will stop loving and soon enough you'll stop living. If you are not living you will not love yourself and if you don't love yourself you cannot recieve love from others. It just goes round and round and round. The first law of the universe states this; love feeds love. Or more commonly: what you sow is what you reap.

So by withholding your love you block your love and therefor you cannot recieve love. This creates an even greater illusion of separation. When you realise in your heart there is no sepration, you realise giving love to others is giving love to yourself. The trinity can be fullfilled. Giving love allows you to feel love and feeling love makes you live. Unconditional love is unlimited and comes from realising there is only one. You are a part of this (w)holyness. We are more than we are - we are one. And we are love!

If you patiently have been reading all the way down here I might as well share with you my personal story. For some years now I have felt low (not really depressed) and separated. I have lived the illusion of divinson. I knew about the unity, the whole, yet I didn't really know for I didn't live it. So this winter it culminated. I hit a low I couldn't stand. I was at a two perhaps (on a scale to ten where then is feeling extatic and glowing). So I made a decision. I wanted to live, I wanted to love. So I started work on myself and soon realised I wasn't really loving myself. I took it from there and started to treat myself as I would have treated anyone I love. Time, thoughts, words, gifts etc. At first it felt kind of strange. It's not really in our western culture to love yourself. Yet after some time it started feeling really good and that was really the turning point. That was when I started feeling the love I gave was sincere, true love ( I once learned; motion creates emotion, first you do and then you feel). And from there it has grown exponentially. Some days I feel as I'm a walking love bomb ready to hug anyone showing the least intention of invitation. I now have so much love to give I can truely say it's unlimited. And the best thing. I feel the love of others flowing in my life. I know other love me for who I am. They can still dislike my action and beliefs, yet I know they love my in their soul, even if they don't know this themselfs. For we are one and therefor I can easily give love even to those not giving me love. And if they accept it it's excellent, if they don't accept it I still feel the love given for it flows from my heart and soul.

I want to leave you with a final note today. A few final words of wisdom. Three qoutes that I find very empowering.

"Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself." //Jean Anouilh

"We can only learn to love by loving." //Iris Murdoch

"Love your neighbour as you love yourself"

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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