Sunday, June 7, 2009

DAY TEN - playtime

Unsurpassed is you presence. You are most welcome here.

I have just completed day ten of one hundred days for ultimate health. This is my challenge and I feel in my whole body, mind and soul this is an incredible journey. I have another day of total bliss. I am so grateful for all events happening right now. My kids are so wonderful, my body is light and my mind is clear. I love hanging with my kids, playing with them is outrageously fun. Today we had cooler weather, yet sunny. We went to some friends who have kids the same age and played at their playground. I swing, balancing on fences, digging in the sandbox, making sandcakes, running, jumping and so on.

Being an old gymnast I love to use my body. Thou some things I haven't been able to do for a lot of years. Like standing on my hands. I tried yesterday and whoosh(!) - no problem. I feel very strong in my posture, my abdominal and back muscles. Today I stood for quite some time and didn't get bloodpreasure fall, and I felt so balanced all the time. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have pulled it of. Not a chance in this cosmos. I feel so light and yet so strong. I feel energized, centered and vibrant. I feel love and gratitude. I feel happiness. I am the truth, I am love. I love you.

In divine love


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