Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello and welome to my realm of energy.

So a full week has past, seven full days on a raw food diet with an alkaline base. Today I have eaten faboulously good food. We had a summer lunch at work and ordered food. In total we were 48 people. The catering was my responsibility. We had a grill buffé, yet I made sure we got a lot of salad on the table. We acctually changed the ribbs for salad and cheese (separated). So I could easily have a whole food living lunch and still pick from the same table as everyone else. I was very pleased and the lunch was a success.

Today is a short blog, yet I am very grateful for this day. I had excellent food and good excersice. I had good communication with others. I personally want to than a good friend for calling, he made my day. Thank you Pierre. (You can visit him here.)

Now the hour is too late, I promise to make tomorrow longer.

Everything is a miracle

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  1. Interesting project! Your notes make for very good and inspiring reading. Good luck!