Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DAY TWELVE - a good day in my life

Hi and welcome

I feel a bit tired today and will head of to bed soon. Just wanted to write a little about today. I have had an awsome day with great feelings and good choices. This day have been an exellent day from my current perspective. I will describe it as it have been to give you a glance of what my day to day living consists of at the moment.

5:40 Woke up five min before the alarm. Got up immediately and started my morning routines. I extended my yoga by five min and added a five minute eye workout. After my shower and helping to dress my daugther I had breakfast; almond/banana/blueberry smoothie in a bowl with nuts and seeds. I shared it with my two wonderful kids. They love this breakfast.

Then we biked to kindergarden. Tuesdays (and Wednesdays) I leave and pick up the kids. Icontinued to work and by nine I drank 1 litre of water. Had two meetings and then it was time for lunch: 75 g leafy sallads, 1 cucumber, 1 paprika, 1 tbsp rape seed oil, seasalt.

I ended my lunch with a 30 minutes brief walk. The weather was cloudy yet nice and cool. Perfect for brief walks. Worked some more until 3 pm and jumped on my bike to pick up the kids from kindergarden. On my way home I picked nettles and cloves for dinner. Spent some time barefooted in the garden caring for it and enjoying the sun, who came out from his hiding place behind the clouds. Kids were playing. I often play with them and love it.

At 5 pm I went in and made a raw meal for us. Cucumber, carrots, nettle/cloves/ginger/leek/honey/sunflower/sea salt/stevia seed dip, cauliflower, paprika. I had a small nettle soup in addition to the other foods. Then Linda (my common-law spouse and the mother of my children) came home. The clock was 6 pm and it was time for evening routines for the kids. Children's programme, pyjamas, tooth brushing, book, sleep.

8 pm I'm on the net to check in with my friends online and write this blog. Now, at 9.30 pm I will go and have a litre of pure alkaline water and spend some time with Linda before bedtime. God night and see you tomorrow.

Today I'm grateful for having made excellent eating choices, for spending an extra two hours with my kids and for having a lot of supportive friends around this globe. Thank you all.

In divine love

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