Saturday, June 27, 2009

DAY THIRTY - waterfasting again (and DAY TWENTYNINE)

As always your most welcome my friend. No matter where you are, who you are or how you are; I love you! You are a part of this eternal now, shaping the future, creating this world.

I have been waterfasting today, and I've been feeling like crap all day. I haven't been low in mood, just tired, aching and sleepy. I have had this really bad ache in my back muscles... I hope it's some kind of cleansing thing, for I don't know where it came from. Just struck me about lunchtime. I'm feeling full of love thou.
Yesterday evening I indulged on cashews, chocolate/hazelnut cream, raisins and almonds and I think that I might have overdosed a bit. I had this terrible headache this morning and was really thirsty. Felt like I had been out drinking last night. During the past week I have been eating less nuts and sweet fruits and I have been focusing on leafy greens instead. At least I will try to stay as far from cashews and chocolate as possible since, from the research I have studied they are quite acidifying to the body. Even listed as foods never to eat (for alkalisation). Sure I can have them sometimes, yet just less and more rarely.

I'm grateful today for the plentyful sunshine soaking my body, for spending time with my family, for feeling great about waterfasting and for being a part of now.

I love myself, you, my kids and my family. It makes me feel awsome and fullfilled.
I wish to ask you to do a favour. Give love to at least one person today. Give it unconditionally and without hesitation. Give it from your heart. And give without expectation. Give it to anyone you choose; your lover, your kids, your best friend, worst enemy, a stranger, mum, dad, sibling, grandparent, neighbour or yourself. Just make sure you give it as described above. From your heart, unconditionally and without expectations. Thank you for making this world a beter place to live. I love you always.
In divine love and sound health

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