Friday, June 5, 2009

EIGHT DAYS and counting

Most welcome my friend.
Lets talk about daily routines today.

Why? Because that's basicly the essence of life. 99% of our actions (and thoughts) are not made by choice, but rather by habit. Habit equals routines I'd say. And in my opinion concistency of actions creates extraordinary results - positiv or negative. So having a daily routine that is positive on the outcome of my goal, to create a vibrant health in one hundred days, is very essential for me to reach my goal. So what is my daily routine? What do I aim to make as my consistent habits in everyday life?

First of all let me open up my heart and be honest with you. I do not get it right 100% yet. I am +95% raw and highly alkaline (probably over 75% following the principles of the new biology by dr. Robert Young). So the food is the easy part. It's easy to focus on and easy to measure. The real issue is the habits of every day living. Those habits I've had since my teens, and perhaps even longer. And the longer I've had them, the harder they are to rid myself of. Also one have to realise that all things we do fills a need for something. So it's not just to skip a habit or routine. You have to replace it with something else that can fill that particular need at the same level or better.

One of my strongest needs is the need of love and connection. And in order to get my eating up to above 95% raw and highly alkaline, I have felt an urge to give up the morning and afternoon break at work. Still this time is very important for me. Working in an office sometimes is very isolating and these breaks are a good way to catch up on social needs (and gossip haha! he said with great irony). Anyway I figured that this need of connection can be meet somewhere else, somewhere outside the coocked, processed and sugar coated realm of nutri-lack city. I searched my soul and found an exceptional replacement. Walking in nature connecting to nature and the infinite knowledge of the eternal universe, or God if you prefere. (Yet I don't like to put whatever holds the universe together in a box so I'll go with the infinite knowledge of the eternal universe or simlpy stated IKEU (NO not IKEA). Maybe we can agree on calling this force; everything. Excellent decision! Now lets get back on track.)

Connecting with everything gives me an even more intense feeling of connection and an abundant feeling of love and gratitude. It is far more powerfull than the human relations I get at work. (I still love those warm persons, don't get me wrong.) On "good" days I feel no need for human contact or relations. I'm more than satisfied oscillating with the rhythm of the grass under my feet. I prefeer to meet nature barefooted.

So, what is my new daily routine then? Well it's quite simple and does not call for a genius. Great huh? If I can do it, anyone can. Just adjust it to fill your needs in a good and sound sence. Lets start today with my morning routines.

5:45 or (if you have a more consistent daily rhythm of the sun) just before sunrise

> Rise and shine, get up at once (snoozing makes you even more tired) and focus on something exiting about today.

> Go to the bathroom and do whatever neccessary (I normally pee)

> Drink 1 litre of pure water with a slice of lemon and ½ tsp NaCOH3 (sodium bicarbonate) to alkalise and flush. Meditate, study or focus on something positive while drinking (I usally take about 15 minutes for this action, in all).

> Excersice! I normally take 20 minutes to do a bit of yoga, yet I also enjoy a more intence workout, like running or bouncing.

> Take a cool or cold shower to rinse of waste and old skin. A cold shower is rejuvenating, a cool is soothing. (A hot shower will open your pores and re-absorb the waste and toxins which will enervate the skin.)

> Have a light/medium breakfast. At the moment I need my breakfast. I have eaten it for all my life, thou I've made it lighter, and will continue in that direction. Eating a small raw breakfast also helps me to stay focused on my eating goals.

After this morning ritual I'm ready to go to work. Time is normally around 7:15 by now, which means that I get to work before 7:30 most days. I acctually have no problems getting these routines right. Thay are easy to follow and doing them upon arising stops distractions from entering and ruin the flow.

Tomorrow I'll go on with the rest of my daily routines and tell you what I normally miss/fail in doing.

Untill then I like you to think of at least one thing in your life that you are really grateful for. What makes you grateful about it? How does it make you feel?
Then do the same thing with love. What/who do you really love rith now? Who loves you? How does it feel?
Now make this a routine. Ask these simple questions at least once every day. Find a good moment of the day that you can use consitently. Make it a habit. Transform yourself! LIVE!!!

You are strong and beautiful. Shine!
See you tomorrow.

In divine love

PS. Feel free to leave a note on your gratitude/love questions. DS.

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