Monday, June 29, 2009


Hej (Hello)

If your feeling half as great as I am right now you are unstoppable. :) I feel really energized and vibrant, I feel extatic and brilliant. I just feel tremendous. And loving. And grateful. And really, really juiced to take on the challenges of life. I feel passionate about moving myself to a new place of higher meaning. And I have a compelling vision. My plan is under construction so I won't share anything yet. But be patient. I will in time.

Also reading "the China Study" by T. Colin Cambell PhD, is really blowing my mind. Sure I knew animal protein wasn't good for the body before and devastating to the planet (at least in it's industrialised form) and so not helping world hunger. But this! It's just amazing how potent diet is in terms of health and disease (or dis-ease). Just finnished reading the studies made in laboratories. This is the wrap up.

Animal protein, eaten at normal western amounts (20% of diet), promotes cancer growth. Rats given a known carcinogen (aflatoxin, one of the most potent) on a 22% protein diet were all dead from cancer within 100 weeks, while another group of rats given the same amount of the carcinogen and a 6% protein diet "were alive, active, thrifty, with sleek haircoats at 100 weeks." It was a hundred to zero. Stunning isn't it. Read the book. I recomend it from the deepest of my heart, with true love, for your health, no matter if you eat animal protein or not.

Note: T. Colin Cambell, PhD have spent his entire life within "the mainstream system" of science and health.
Today was day thirtytwo. I feel very confident about my raw habits at the moment. I even resent cooked food. Since day 25 I have been trying to keep a higher alkaline profile on my food. It have been a success so far. I have set the limit to (in visual amount) 20% acid forming foods. I follow the studies and science of Dr. Robert O. Young in this case. Here are the charts of foods I eat, foods I eat sparingly and foods I don't eat, as presented in "Sick and Tired - reclaim your inner terrain". I just looked it thru yesterday and will read it after I've finished "the China Study". I have read "the pH miracle" by Dr. Young several times, yet I think "Sick and Tired" are more scientific and less written for the public at large.
I'm feeling amazing eating a high alklaine diet and most of these last days I've been far above my limit. For sure touching 90%. This is my intake today:
6 am; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder
7 am; 0,8 litres of green smoothie (250 g spinach, 2 dl cubed pineapple, 1 banana)
9 am; 1 peach, 1 banana
11 am; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder
12.30 pm; cabbage salad (1/3 of a medim [bulgarian] cabbage head, 1 large cucumber, 12 wild harvested plantain leafs, some wildly picked hiprose flower leafs, 1 clove of garlic)
3.30 pm; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder
7 pm; 1 litre of pure alkaline water with nettle powder (playing fotball/soccer)
9 pm; 0,6 litres of green smoothie (peppermint leafs, balm leafs [citronmeliss], ground elder leafs [kirskål], dandileon leafs, 2 handfulls of alfalfa sprouts, 1 avocado, stevia and some water)
soon; 1 litre of pure alkaline water (before bedtime)
This have been an excellent and most empowering raw alkaline and sunny day. I'm very grateful for making this a reality, for challengeing myself this way (100 day UHC) and I'm very grateful for having a wonderful family, excellent friends and lots of love flowing in my life. I grateful for the love I feel flowing from inside. I love living, giving and loving. I love you. I feel the love.
Thank you.
In divine love and sound health
your servant

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