Monday, June 8, 2009

DAY ELEVEN - eating habits

Most welcome my friend

Now that you know my daily routines(that are quite easy acctually) I thought I'd be a great idea to talk about what I aim to eat. I might also be good to tell you that these are the aims I have. I cannot do all these things living where I do at this point in time in a reasonable way so I do the best I can with what is possible and reasonable.

These are my eating aims:

1. Eat foods that are giving the most nutrients possible with the least amount of energy needed from the body. This means all meat, fish, poultry, dairy and chemicals are banned. Greens, vegetables and fruits, nuts, healthy oils and salt is my main focus. (I'll go deeper into this one in a later post looking at where I stand in nutrition and body chemestry.)

2. Eat foods that are organic or biodynamic and in peace with nature and locally grown. I choose first organic/biodynamic, second local, whenver possible and within reasonable prices. A huge problem for me is the avialibility of biodynamic foods, it's almost non-existent. Organic foods are easier, still a lot of things are not. Locally grown produce is easy during the summer and early autumn.

3. Eat living foods for a living body. Avoid foods heated above body temperature and frozen foods. Frozen and dehydrated foods I can have occasionally. I have no real need for dehydrated food. Sometimes I dry food (like sprouts) in room temperature, but not very often. Frozen is harder. During most of the year a lot of berries are not availible if not bought frozen. I also pick my own berries and to be able to eat all I have to freeze. So I choose fresh in season at the moment and if not aviailible I choose frozen. A solution is to not eat berries during non-season, yet I'm not prepared to take that step right now. Also processed raw foods is a second choice. I don't eat much of these, except cold pressed extra vigin oils.

4. Eat no more than 3 different foods at the same time that don't interfear with each other. Remenber to not mix certain food groups. (I will come back to this point in a later post.)

5. Eat about 500 g at each meal twice a day. This point has alot to do with healing and focusing on the right foods. At the moment I eat breakfast, lunch and an evening meal most days. Some days I snack, some days I replace a meal with a large juice. (I will treat this in a later post.)

6. Eat with the sky above my head and the grass beneth my feet, i.e. outdoors barefooted in nature. This point is really hard to do in Sweden during the cold season, 4-5 month. Some days, living a "normal" life, it can also be hard to do, yet I try to at least get skin contact with nature at least once every day. Most days I get barefooted and stroll in the grass. Other days I let my hand or my face touch the leaves of a tree or a bush. I breath and feel the unity. I try to eat at least one meal outside, most often it's the evening meal.

7. Eat slowly, chew each bite until liquid. Don't eat if emotionally upset. Breath and relax. I have a hard time doing this. In the morning I have to get to work or get up even earlier and I don't see that as an option at the moment, so I try to just relax and eat as slow as possible without feeling stressed out. Lunch at work is time flexible yet I like to get outside to take a walk after lunch and I don't want to have to work all evening. Normally I eat for about 45 minutes to an hour and try to enjoy the company of my colleges fully. Sometimes I get a bit stressed when I have a meeting after lunch. My evening meal is sometimes taken in with my family. And eating with kids can be a bit stressful. If eaten later (after kids bedtime) it's easier to focus and eat slowly. I try to remeber to focus on the good healing properties of the foods I eat. I don't always succed in this - yet.

8. Drink sufficient amounts of pure alkaline water. The body is made out of +70% water so drinking is important. I go by the rule 1 litre/15 kg (appx. 1 quart/30 pounds). This means about 4 litre (1 gallon) for me each day. I dring one litre upon arising in the morning, one litre in the morning (around 9-10 am), one litre in the afternoon (aroung 3-5 pm) and one litre just before bedtime. Drinking also helps in keeping cravings away. If I get craving I normally first have a big glas of water and wait for 15-30 minutes. If I still have cravings I try to choose something non-sweet. (I will come back to this in a later post.)

This is the eating habits I'd like to fully embrace. I cannot at the moment and if I'm really gonna be able to, I probably have to move to a warmer climate.

Today I had an attack of cravings just after lunch, which consisted of greens, apples, coconut oil and raisins. I got this surge for sweets and had some figs afterwards. That made my cravings even stronger and I had some more raisins and almonds. I really like the taste and didn't feel any guilt about it. It was all raw. Yet one to two hour after my meal I felt gassy and sluggish. I had this ache in my digestive tract. It lasted for about 4 hours. I had only a vegetable juice this evening. I'm very grateful for this experience. I learned to not mix nuts and sweets. I "knew" this before, yet today I really felt an emotional learning took place. I'm happy for that. I love what I'm experiencing. I love the learning and connection within myself. I love myself.

"love your neighbor as you love yourself"

I like this quote for it presuppose you love yourself in order to love your neighbor. More people should allow themselfs to love themselfs. Hug yourself and tell yourself; I love me. It is kind of strange in the beginnning, yet very uplifting and makes you elated after a few times.
I wish you a vibrant day, full of love, laughter and true gratitude. Tell the good word to others. Be a messanger of love and peace. Inspire and live.

In divine love

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