Saturday, May 30, 2009



Today was day two of my 100 days Ultimate Health Challenge. And today was waterfast day.

I decided to eat six days and fast one, to let my digestive system rest at least once a week. I choose to do my fasting on Saturdays. This makes it easier to stay on track, since I don't have to struggle with issues what I can/want to eat. No candy, no sweets, no raw treats (that still can be putting stress on my body and therefor keep my from reaching Ultimate Health)., no nothing. Just water. Pure water, with a twist of lemon perhaps. I feel really great about what I have accomplished today. Yet have I reallt enjoyed the day?

Of course I have. Waterfasting at first seemed to me to be a way of depriving myself of all those great and delicious foods I normally eat, yet fasting only on water turned out to be a wonderful experience. I have done fasts before, and they have been great to, still none have been a true waterfast. So I am exited and proud of my day.

I feel light and I have been working in the garden all day feeling full of energy and strength. I've been digging, spreading new soil and sown on this second day of my Ultimate Health Challenge. I will harvest in September, as well as I will harvest an astonishing health in September finishing the hundredth day of my challenge. I'm grateful for having the oppertunity to go thru this event to gain vibrant health and a youthfull body. I will make every day count. Everything counts, even the small things. I give this experience to you in eternal love.

Make everyday count!
With eternal love

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