Sunday, May 31, 2009


Blessed am I to live my life.

Most welcome. This was day three, only nintyseven left. I so love this newfound commitment and power to make this a turning point in my life. I'm enourmously grateful for having this oppertunity to make it happen.

Day three was a calm day so I'll let you in on some details about my program.

I have collected a few routines from different teachers along my path and taken those I have found sound and those aligning with my being to my heart. I have in this way created a program that I must follow for one hundred days. I knew I was going to do this some weeks ago yet I haven't had the motivation or skills to pull it of, until last week. It's true; when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Last week I was listening to a webinar on how to gat things done and act. The speaker said two important things that stroke my heart with great profoundness. First; everything counts, second; my behavour never lies. The second thing opened my eyes to a new world. A way to measure my progress and results when it comes to health and other "unmeasurable" factors, like happiness or love. All I need to do is ask myself; what do I need to to in order to feel the way I want to feel, then I just keep track of how well I meet that particular behavour or routine.

In the case of this 100 day Ultimate Health Challenge it's a way of keeping track of my daily routines on munching, motion and meditation :) or what/when/how I eat, exercise and meditate. Simply stated I follow this routine and hope/know it will bring me to a Ultimate Health.

Number one rule is; eat food that will use the smallest amount of energy and create the least amount of stress on the body in order to provide the body with the most amount of nutrients.

To me this means raw food creating an alkaline ash. So I have decided to take on a diet consisting of above 95% raw living foods, preferably 100% (i.e. food niether heated above body temperature nor frozen). Also high in greens and vegetables, oils and sprouts, low in sweet fruits and dehydrated foods, zero intake of meats, fish, dairy, refined sugars, refined carbs and/or chemical and unnatural addatives.

I have been high raw and vegiterian for almost four years. I have also been low on dairy during this period of time. Thou I've had somewhat of a problem with my sweet tooth and I kept falling back everytime I tried to raise my amount of raw. My new insights have given me an abundant power along with an inner strenght I have cultivated during this late winter and spring - accepting and loving myself always, knowing I'm always doing the best I can with the resourses I have. This revelation I had in February have given my great happiness and lots of love, less stress and frustration and a positive abyss of creative energy and forgiveness.

In divine love for the sacredness of joy and truth
Your freind

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