Monday, July 20, 2009

DAY FIFTYTHREE - do it right the first time!

My dear friend,

thanks for the sunshine you bring to my life.

A few days ago I decided to listen in (again) on an outstanding webinar called "100 day challenge" with Gary Ryan Blair (from which my challenge originated, I find some of the knowledge shared in that webinar very profound for me and thought I'd share it with you. This is the philosophy:

Do it right the first time is not about being perfect.
It's about changeing perspective and improving your performance.

So pay attention to your behavour - it never lies! Find out when/where flaws occur, work proactively to adress these flaws in your behaviour so quality performance can take place.

Why then?
Because failure is more expencive than quality. It costs having to do the job again. For me meaning to have to set up for a new 100 day challenge similar to this one. I want to improve and add on in the next one, not do it all over. So I'm implementing a new strategy:

T.N.T - Today, Not Tomorrow

When is the best time to start fresh? When is the best time to eat raw? When is the best time to improve my health? When is the best time to resolve a crisis?

The answer is given; today, not tomorrow. Simple and powerful. Also success attracts people and oppertunities which impacts life positively. Success allows for the expansion of options, and network. And success builds good reputation and credability. Doing it right the first time grows boldness and confidence which allows for greater action. Doing it right the first time demonstrates values that leads to success and inspires to take on greater challenges with supreme confidence and boldness. So (apart from T.N.T) I will:

1) Raise my standards
2) Implement best practices
3) Set challenging goals (done)
4) Make excellence a core value

To clearify point four I also have to include the wise words of a bloved friend on excellence.

"I think one of the things that has helped me in my life is learning the difference between Excellence and Perfection... Perfection is usually this mark that I can never reach but excellence... well, excellence is a worthy and achievable goal."

I like her words. They're so simple. So down to earth, they just jump into your heart and makes you realise the simplicity of it. Excellence is a n achievable goal, perfection is beyond reach.

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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