Thursday, July 9, 2009

DAYS FORTYONE AND FORTYTWO - what if we got it all wrong?

Beloved friend,

I salute your presence. I feel your love. It flows thru you, thru me. I'm grateful for your decision to come. And I want you to know; no matter what you do, where you are and how you feel, someone loves you - always.

To day and yesterday have passed by slowly and easily. I've been feeling a bit low and perhaps that's why I've been eating more high sugar fruits. Sugars offset opiopates in the brain that makes us feel good, which really makes sugar an addictive toxin. Toxin because sugar is acid. Acid is dis-ease, low energy and death. There are seven stages of acidosis.

1) Enervation (loss of energy)
2) Sensitivity (allergies and asthma)
3) Secretion/irritation (mucous build up, that protects the body from acids)
4) Inflamation (localised acids)
5) Induration (crystalized acids, i.e. stones and solid acid waste, including fat)
6) Ulceration
7) Degeneration (cancer, MS and other degenerative diseases that break down the cells of the body)

All stages are protecting the body from death and helps the blood to maintain it's proper pH at 7,365. In order to maintain the pH of the blood the body will do whatever it takes to neutralise acid waste. It will...

...retain water to dilute acids.
...retain fat to store acid waste when it cannot be eliminated thru the for channels of elimination (urination, defecation, perspiration and respiration).
...create cholesterole to protect the arthery walls from acid damage.
...prematurely clot to protect the body from internal bleedings.
...leach minerals from other body tissues as bone (calcium) or muscle (magnesium) tissue to neutralise acidity.
...form tumour to encapsulate morbid cells and protect the body from acid waste products thereof.

Then what is alkalinity? Simply stated, it's free electrons - it's electricity. These electrons create an electrical charge and this is the fuel of the body. All functions of the body are electrical impulses. Muscle movement, thought, metabolism and so on. That's why raw food is so powerful. It's has a negative charge creating good alkaline energy for the body. And the sooner you eat the raw food after it's been picked the better since the charge starts to drop as soon as the food loses contact with mother earth.

This aligns sound with the phenomena of grounding as well. Grounding is "contact with mother earth". And naturally it cannot happen with an isolating element between you and our mother. This has been proven and measured in research (since electricity is easy to measure). Grounding allows nature to provide to you electrons than will heal and energise you, just like alkaline foods will. For the human body is alkaline by design, it runs on electricity. And just like with an alkaline battery, the alkalinity of the body will determine the endurance and health of the body.

And there is more to come...

In divine love and sound health
your servant

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