Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hello dear friend

I have been absent from this space for a couple of days and I have missed you. The passed days have been quite busy and yet with a lot of fun and exciting things to do. Lets go thru them in briefly.

Day thirtyfive

I had a blessed evening with my family on the beach. The weather was really warm and sunny. So we decided to (after quitting work) have supper on the beach. We took a dip and built sand castles. Eating was good all day, all raw and high alkaline. And I had an awsome conversation with a great friend. I feel something is starting to move.

Day thirtysix

Started to create a new project and it got me all swollowed up. I got so excited I didn't even take time to write you. Eating was like every other day - great! I was very thankful for this new project I'm a part of. I'm very excited about the future.

Day thirtyseven

WATERFASTING went really well. I didn't even feel tempted to eat, except for wanting to have the deliciuos strawberries we bought. I focused on something else and the temptation was gone. The evening we spent with a few friends and that went absolutely faboulous as well, even thou I waterfasted. I also biked a 30 km trip. I felt very good all day and I'm truely grateful for having sound health. I have noticed I'm getting more defined muscles lately.

Day thirtyeight

Today, even thou still not time for bed yet, I have successfully made another raw day with high alkalinity. I started the day late, due to getting in bed really late last nigth, with one litres of water, yoga, dry brushing, showering and then another litre of water. At four pm I felt hungry after we came back from the store and I had 1,5 litres of carrot greens/cucumber juice (1 litre water added). At five I had supper and finished of with an awsome dessert.

Strawberry/lemon cream

1 dl diced strawberries

1 slice lemon (with about ½ of the peel from the slice)

1 soft avocado

1 pinch of sea salt

1 pinch of dried stevia leafs

water (about 1 dl)

Puré in mixer until smooth, serve with sliced strawberries.

Today I'm grateful for having so lovely , playful kids. I love them and they love me back. Now I need to go and play with them. :)

What are you grateful for today?

In divine love and sound health

your servant


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